Netflix obtains quite popular anime series

At present, the Netflix platform has been incorporating anime series that are most popular in the world, so franchises such as Saint Seiya, One Piece, Naruto and Demon Slayer are available. However, it seems that they do not want to stop with these programs, so it has been mentioned that they recently acquired the emission rights for more sagas.


Among the names of companies that stand out are Nippon TV , television chain that has series like Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, Berserk, among others of importance. And that means that soon they would be added to the streaming service, in United States some are already available, so it will expand to other countries.

The first one would be Hunter X Hunter, itself that would be launched from September 2 in 104 countries, including Spain, Italy, Finland , Netherlands and sections of Emirates United Arabs.

In news related to the streaming platform. All the content that will arrive from the month of September has been announced, with films and programs quite expected by the subscribers. In case you want to read the complete note, we invite you to click on the following link.

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