The Destiny 2 application does not work – how to check the status of the Destiny 2 server status

The Destiny 2 Companion app is a great way to manage your guard and its inventory, learn the news and find a combat group to obtain the latest content. However, these convenient functions become controversial if part of the service fails. Here are a few useful resources to check if anyone has problems.

Destiny 2 doesn’t work?

There are several sources to check if Destiny 2 services work, including the application:

  1. Official Bungieur Twitter account.
  2. Reference site Bungie.
  3. When all the official channels do not work, go to the downloadetector.

Destiny 2 maintenance is usually planned in advance and is carried out on Tuesday. Both Twitter and the website usually reflect this. It should also be in the case of emergency situations when something went wrong, and part of the service does not work.

But if everything indicates that the service is working, the problem can be on a local device. In particular, for the application, make sure there are no updates that must be used. Otherwise, try reinstalling the application. Please note that when a significant part of the content is produced, for example, an addition or season, it usually takes 24–48 hours so that all applications and third-party services are fully resumed.

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