On -site experience at Western swordsmanship! I learned Orthodox Knights before experiencing the outlaw battle of Rasler -Middle Ages

Suddenly, readers, Have you ever wanted to go to medieval Europe? Do you want to be a knight and swing your sword? Would you like to be a person who is not or do it as much as you loot and evil?

You can understand without saying. Your eyes say I want to be rampant in the Middle Ages over my mouth. You who thought, Well, that’s not the case… fine. You are not aware of it, and you are deep in your heart, and in this part of the deep psychology, there is always a European part. It’s time to release the desires that have been repressed and hidden all the time. It’s True.

Good news for European readers. On August 25, Oizumi Amusio Rassler-Middle Ages-Non-Mi-Lasler) was released for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch.

Lasler is a game that aims to rise in the back society as a non-medieval world, as the subtitle of Middle Ages. Standing at the center of the title screen, the main character is a man (Guy) with a skinhead ** skinhead.

The biggest feature of this work is that it uses an old school top-down perspective. The original story is in the early Grand THEFT AUTO series (the Steam version has a subtitle Grand TheFT HORSE), there is a pedestrian crossing even though it is a medieval, and the guards shine and follow the patrol lamps. It is also an impact on where the stupid and sometimes unscrupulous humor is scattered.

The main game is a very simple and easy-to-use system that makes money while handling various quests and increasing the range of action. Many of the quests are ridiculous, such as I will beat people on the roadside and take them to the church, and somehow contains a lot of legendary comedy groups, such as Spanish Religious Trial at the time of the day, and it is a lot of legendary comedy groups. As a fan, I enjoyed it very much.

Although this work has a bad thing like a Ban Action Game, it is one of the attractions of the severe . Sometimes we compete with guards and fight while managing stamina using defense and avoidance.

In my sense, I felt a little difficult to play even if I played with the lowest difficulty easy. There is also the smell of old school western games and old overseas action games. In addition to simply fighting, you can also enjoy a ridiculous battle that is a striking spirit, such as using a scytheous scythe, which is also a farming tool.

And while playing this game, I became worried about various things. Did the Middle Ages really really do… What was the true sword fight of the Middle Ages… curiosity increased day by day, and I can’t sleep for a few days. I did it. I was obsessed with the Middle Ages someday… (Please note that the expression is fictional and there are places where it is slightly excessive).

That’s why I came to Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. This is the entrance where you can feel the atmosphere that is just an unusual atmosphere, but this is the destination Castle Tin Gel . Where is it! ? I don’t know if I’m suddenly told…

Castle Tin Gel is a school where you can learn medieval swordsmanship in Tokyo. Many production cooperation such as games and manga has a track record, and participated in works that geeks know the swordsmanship advisor of Dark Souls II and the swordsmanship guidance and motion capture of the movie Berserk Golden Age. It is said that it is doing!

The inside of Castle Tinta Gel, which was made by remodeling the warehouse, has a majestic atmosphere. There is also a product sales space, and there are kinds of helmets and imitation swords you usually see. Especially those who like overseas action games will make you want to decorate them.

This is Jay noise, a representative lecturer of Castle Tin Gel. Although it looks warm, you can see that strong is not a hamper. Before learning swordsmanship from him, I will first ask about the medieval description of Castle Tinta Gel and Rassler before learning swordsmanship!

―― Thank you for your cooperation today. First of all, in addition to your self-introduction, please tell us why you started working to spread Western swordsmanship.

Jay noise (hereinafter Jay): I’m Jay, the representative lecturer of the Western swordsmanship school Castle Tinta Gel. He has been visiting Japan from the United States for 25 years. The reason I created Castle Tin Gel was because I wanted place to fight . I wanted a place where I could fight and install air conditioners in addition to fighting (laughs). He used to be outdoors in the past.

-He was working on Western swordsmanship outdoors! It’s rude, but it seems to be seen by neighboring residents with suspicious eyes…

Jay: I used to work in the park every weekend. It was quite difficult to carry heavy luggage from the morning. I had no trouble because I was working on Western swordsmanship regularly by observing the rules. At the time of the 2002 World Cup, a police suspected that it was a Fooligan (laughs).

――What kind of lessons have you been conducting in Castle Tin Gel since you started your full-scale activities?

Jay: The concept of learning all the technologies that the knights were actually doing at the time focused on how to fight ** Knight in the 14th and 15th centuries. I am active. There are two types: light battle that does not wear armor and armored battle wearing armor, and there are five types of weapons. Long Sword, one-handed sword and shield, spear, Paul Ax (ax), and dagger. In addition, I am also learning medieval wrestling.

–I see.

Twitter insertion: https: //twitter.com/castle_tintagel/status/12906032626304000

Jay: Armored Battle is divided into two more types, and there is a competition that reproduces the medieval knight tournament called Bohat in the tournament style. This rule also has a global tournament, and we are also participating as a Japanese team.

By the way, you can participate in competitions overseas using iron weapons, but in Japan you will touch the law, so you use special specifications when working in Japan. The other is Hanish Fehiten. This is a focus on the techniques used in the medieval war, and there are rules to fight for the gap between armor and armor.

――It is a more practical fighting way of fighting.

Jay: That’s right. Hanish Fehiten uses rattan wooden sword weapons and sets rules to enjoy it from beginners to advanced users. There is also a group battle in which teams fight with teams, and there is also a large-scale fight called Night Wars.

―― The collective battle between the knights wearing armor seems to be impressive…!

Jay: Night Wars has been implemented in about 40 people, not just the rules. There are also strategic scenario battles that set victory goals, like medieval survival games. My dream is to open a large-scale nightwars of 1,000 VS 1,000 people someday!

――It seems to be a powerful game. The game called Rasler-Middle Ages, which is the subject of the interview, is a work that describes the life as a Hansei rather than a chivalry that values righteousness. What kind of dwarf was there in the actual medieval Europe in the 14th to 15th century?

Jay: In the late Middle Ages, some people had a low position in society at the time. The partner who teaches swordsmanship is a noble, but some of the teachers had a so-called dwarf…

――I was right!

Jay: At that time, the skill of swordsmanship was an important educational skill in both war and legal system. There was also a duel trial that determines the results in the fight. However, swordsmanship instructors did not necessarily belong to the aristocratic society. Some aristocrats praised the instructor, but many swordsman were sometimes regarded as villain-like people. It seems that the location of the swordsmanship class was in the suburbs and in some cases near a sex shop.

–I see. I feel that the nerd-like medieval knowledge cultivated in games has been connected a little.

Jay: In such a situation, a German swordsman named Talhofar also published a technical book, and he seems to have had an educational background. He had a sword lecture on his high-ranking person and had an outlaw side. By the way, he also concepts medieval science fiction or an unrealistic and fantasy weapon… It seems that he was also studying equipment like a medieval version of scuba diving suit.

-Middle Ages SF is quite a tongue feeling…! It looks like a fancy Ninja.

** Jay: I don’t know if it was actually made. In the UK at the time, some swordsman had performed in various regions while visiting the city from the city and teaching sword skills. Scotland’s McVane is said to be a rogue… a person like a bandit.

–I see. It is exactly the unwanted person.

Jay: I worked as a mercenary, managed a sex shop, and did various jobs anyway. It’s not clear how true that legend is. But there is one very interesting story. This is an episode when he challenged a duel.

It is the beginning that a woman in a sex shop he run was stolen money and jewelry from her customers. After hearing that, McVain, of course, pursued a thief and applied for a duel. But when he struggles, he realizes that the opponent is quite strong and the swordsmanship is much more than himself.

-It’s like an interesting subquest that is common in games…

Jay: So McVaine thought, This is fine, and applied for a truce and told the strong enemy. I understand, money and jewelry are good… why don’t you go together?

――The ridiculous unusual episode!

Jay: So he went to drink with the money of the victim’s woman. It is a person who can only say the person. Castle Tinta Gel, of course, is not aiming for a dedicated person behavior!

-In Rasler set in a medieval European-style world, weapons such as Long Sword, Halvard and Spear appear. In addition, weapons such as torch, Tsuruhashi, and large sickle will also appear. Is there a record that these weapons were actually used?

Jay: It was also used in full-fledged war and one-on-one duel. Although it is not prepared as a material, sickle is a popular weapon for farmers. Especially in the UK, some agricultural tools were recognized as weapons. Like the scythe, there was also a small sickle, Chickle.

――We, such as excretion and lute (musical instrument), appear in the game where the killing ability is not originally known instead of weapons. Are there any records used as weapons for these?

Jay: I can’t say about lute, but if you say filth… There is a skill to push the dirty cloth that emits a terrible odor into the opponent’s helmet.

–I see. What is the effect…?

Jay: This is probably more dangerous than you imagined. A terrible technique, also called helmet horror. It looks like a joke, but it is very effective as a technique to confuse the opponent. There were other combat methods that surprising the opponent, for example, hitting with a flail with a chemical chemical or throwing a small gunpowder during battle.

— Sure, if the filth cloth suddenly screws into the helmet, it will fall into a big panic. If it’s a story… If Jay confront the enemy like the hero of Rasler, how would you deal with excretion like a grenade?

Jay: That’s right, if I was… there was no problem. Actually, I’m from a farmer, so I keep fighting without worrying about it (laughs).

――Aprising tolerance! Thank you for your valuable stories! Then, I will tell you about the medieval swordsmanship from here!

So, for some reason, I will take the swordsmanship training of Castle Tin Gel with the edited keyboard Kumi that was involved for some reason. The image is me who has a shield.

The inside of the shield had a string, and I was told that it would be better to tighten it to Yurume, so that it would be thrown away. If you have a shield, it will tell you to throw away the shield… This is expected to gain a lot of practical knowledge.

First, let’s learn about foot rolling. In Western swordsmanship, foot rolling seems to be a very important factor. This time, I took a rudimentary lesson from the beginning, but most of the time was a practice to link legs and sword movements.

Next, I learned how to hold both hand swords and how to hold them. Turn your finger on the side of the sword, turn your wrist, and shake the weaknesses of the opponent, that is, the neck. It is a imitation sword for practice, but this is quite heavy. In my daily life, I don’t have something heavier than the game pad, so I was just holding it.

This is Jay’s attitude. It is a sense of intimidation to be prepared for death when you are present. I hit the sandbags slowly and agile, and felt the power that could be destroyed without difficulty if it was a mini car.

Next, learn the style of shields and swords. The basics of swinging the sword with your feet are no different from the two-handed sword, but I needed to remove the shield as much as possible from the face, and I felt that physical operation became quite difficult.

And because the sword is held with one hand, there is no power at all. There are many scenes where Lasler fights with one-handed sword and shield, but I will exhaust stamina with myself.

I also had a long sword for the so-called competition, not for practice. It was said that the inside was piped so as not to violate the gun sword law, but it was quite heavy and powerful. Just holding it has some strange tension.

After that, the training continued for a while, and when I was taught, my body was completely fluttering. You can easily imagine that you were struck by tremendous muscle pain the next day. If a person who is just playing games at home suddenly shines and shakes his sword, it will not be a big thing. It was a day to permeate that daily training is important… ~ Complete ~

~ Complete ~ is a lie. After that, we visited the so-called sparring , a mock battle in the form of a game by the students of Castle Tinta Gel. It was like a survival game, in which a fixed number of weapons, which was fixed for each rule, would be defeated by self-report, and it was very nervous just to watch.

Not only one-on-one sparring, but also a group battle where five people compete at once. Furthermore, the rules that are closest to the actual battle of the advanced users rules were not counted as a point of not touching the key points, and ended up in the end.

The tremendous power was completely overwhelmed by the author and the editorial department. It’s a bit different from playing in the game. In other words, I don’t have a heart in such a terrible struggle with a horse dung…

It is better to be in the game to be a good one! If you are not tired of the game and actually want to experience this class, please visit Castle Tin Gel!

If you want to experience the life of the Big and the medieval European-style world view, play Rassler-Middle Ages which is on sale for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch from August 25. It does not cause muscle pain, can be revived immediately even if you are hit, and you can set up a sneaky attack on the knight.

The package version is 4,378 yen (tax included), downloaded version 3,980 yen (tax included), so you can easily enjoy medieval life!

Lasler-Middle Ages Breaker- official website)

Lasler-Middle Ages Breasts-

Compatible models: PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Nintendo Switch

Release date: August 25, 2022

Genre: Action Adventure


Suitable retail price: Package version 4,378 yen (tax included)/ download version 3,980 yen (tax included)

Number of players: 1

Developer: Jutsu Games

Distributor: Oizumi Amusio

Interview Cooperation: Castle Tinta Gel


Location: 4-13-3 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Yamato Warehouse B

Reception hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11: 00-21: 00 / Saturday-Sunday: 12: 00-18: 00

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