Umumus users, Wagon demonstrations rather than trucks

The users of Umamus Me Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Umamus Me), who have accumulated dissatisfaction with the game, will hold protests near Pangyo Kakao Games. It’s a trucks that can be seen in the game industry, and the unique thing is that it sends a ‘carriage’ rather than a truck considering the game characteristics.

The wagon demonstration raised through the KakaoTalk Open Chat on the 23rd night was closed with a total fundraising of 954,418 won in about 30 minutes. The user who has raised the fundraiser will present a size quote to the Korean Wagon Association and will deliver a design that is tailored to the size. In addition, he added that he will also recruit paintings and protests to enter the pattern.

Wagon demonstrations are known to be held at the Korea Wagon Association, which holds wagon events. The Korean Wagon Association is a place where CF, movies, wedding shooting, parade and tourist wagons are produced and operated. Currently, demonstrations and specific plans are not presented.

Recently, Umamusume has suffered from domestic services. Compensation goods and various events were different compared to the Japanese server, or the noise related to events and apology was accumulated, and gamer complaints accumulated. Some users have entered the protests to lower the Google Play Store rating, and have led to raising the wagon demonstrations.

On the other hand, Kakao Games is Princess Connect! As the Redive Korea Service was well received, it was well-received, and speculation was continuing the cause of the operation temperature difference between the two games. One user of the Umamus Me community said, (Sai Games) is so tightly managing IP, including the original horse, and the Japanese user response is concerned. I did it.


Kakao Games said, I sincerely apologize to users who are inconvenient to use the game. We will do our best to provide users with a smooth service.

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