Destiny 2: Relic in H.E.L.M. Submit – thats how it works

In our Relic Guide for Destiny 2 you can find out:

  • How to solve the seasonal challenge Antiquar 1

  • Where you have the relic in H.E.L.M. must place

In the course of the seasonal quest in the season of the looters you will find your first relic. However, Destiny 2 does not tell you where exactly you can give it. We have the solution.

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seasonal challenge Antiquar 1 solution

The seasonal challenge Antiquar 1 includes two different tasks :

  • Places the first relic in the H.E.L.M.
  • Defeated fighters in Europe

The second task is relatively simple, the progress display fills up on Europe with every opponent. There is bonus progress if your enemies defeats with a fusion rifle . We recommend that you use the new exotic fusion rifle Tender Grave-this makes you make progress in the associated catalyst quest The Form of Danger.


where in H.E.L.M. Can I place the relic?

In H.E.L.M. Will not be shown where you can hand in the relic. You have to look for the right place for it yourself. Run straight from the spawn point to the new star card. Opposite the star card is a table on which you can place the relic. Take the table until the button is displayed for placing.

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