How to put spaces to have an invisible name in Free Fire: So you can improve your nick

Choosing your name in any video game can be a task to take into account. In many cases, you cannot put spaces, tildes and certain characters, so you may not have your nick as you want. Free Fire, Battle Royale developed by Garena for iOS and Android mobile devices, is one of those games that does not allow the spaces to be used.

How to use invisible spaces in Free Fire

The process to do it is very simple, although it is understandable that many have happened to you.

* Step 1 : Access the menu where the name is put or changes in Free Fire.

Step 2 *: Use the text copy tool to copy a blank space. Here are 12 exact: []. Copy the number you want.
Step 3 *: Copy the spaces in the name section or change nickname if you want to leave your current nick behind. You can copy a blank space without more.

During the process, you must keep in mind that your nick can have up to 12 characters and each invisible space counts as 1. You could try to put 12 invisible spaces, but surely someone has it. Obviously, you can put invisible spaces between letters to make compound names.

One last advice: copy and paste your complete nick (with the invisible spaces inserted) in a note to have fast access in case you need it at some point.

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