Two Point Campus Robotics Guide

The introduction of new and advanced courses for students is a distinctive feature of all large universities, and since the goal of Two Point Campus is to create an exemplary campus, you also need to offer various courses and make sure that they meet the standards. This leadership will introduce you to the robotics course and will help you create your own robotics department in the Tow Point campus.

Requirements for robotics

Robotics is one of the advanced courses that you can offer, and which is unlocked at the very beginning of study at the University of Mitton. For a course of robotics, you need to spend 30 points of the course. The average training fee that you receive from each student is about $ 12,000.

There are various requirements that you need to fulfill for each course offered by your campus, including specialized laboratories, lecture halls and even various rooms that help your students study and perform tasks on their own. Below are all the requirements that you must fulfill to successfully pass the course of robotics at your university in the 2 Point campus.


As for the staff, your main requirement is the presence of a teacher with qualifications in the field of robotics. The teacher should be appropriately prepared for students and teaching.


You need the following rooms in a campus for a course of robotics

  • Lecture hall
  • Robo construction
  • Robo design

independent study

The following rooms and premises should be provided to students to help them study better:

  • Library
  • Robo construction
  • Robo design



To satisfy students’ requirements for self-study and completion of tasks, players will have to provide students with the following subjects:

  • Educational cabin (cost: $ 300)
  • Educational cabin (cost: 400 dollars)

  • Computer cabin (cost: 800 dollars)
  • Cabin for records (cost: $ 4,000 and 5 kudosh)
  • Bookcase for robotics (cost: $ 6000)
  • Mysterious cube (cost: $ 15,000 and 100 kudoshi)
  • Board for drawing (cost: $ 18,000 and 50 kudosh)
  • Mega hand (cost: $ 35000)
  • Large 3D printer (cost: $ 6,000 and 100 kudoshi)
  • Small 3D printer (cost: $ 5,000 and 75 kudosh)
  • Table for a 3D printer (cost: $ 800)
  • Poster with a robot (cost: $ 600 and 10 kudosh)
  • Android poster (cost: $ 600 and 10 thanks)
  • Component table (cost: $ 2800)
  • System table (cost: $ 3200)
  • Main table (cost: $ 3600)
  • Robotics console (cost: $ 3000)
  • Project of robotics (cost: $ 15,000)
  • Development station (cost: $ 3000)

Robotics lessons

Robotics is a three-year program, and every year it includes different courses, as well as classes in constructing robots and robot design.

Classes of the first year

Lecture hall

Students pass the exam So do you want to build a robot?

Robo construction

Students will take part in the Robot Tour: Inside the Laboratory and the Murder: Someone configured this thing for evil.

Second year

Lecture hall

Students will take the course Types of Android and strips of Go Faster Strips

Robo construction

Students will take the course Avoid the superiority of robots: do not be Wally.

Robo Design

Students will take the course The one who can be fixed: creating a friend.

Third year

Lecture hall

Students will take the course Hydowing the limits: what and where?

Robo construction

Students will take part in the program It is lively: a terrifying new world.

Robo Design

Students will take the course Extended functionality: this is a cunning invention!

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