DEAD BY Daylight Started in the Steam version. Resident Evil Collaboration 2nd, Weskers and Adas details are also lifted

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE announced on August 10 about the public test build (PTB) 6.2.0 for Dead by Daylight . The PTB is a beta version that can only be accessed by the PC (Steam) version of the player. In this PTB, you can try out the second character of the Resident Evil collaboration before this implementation. This time, the murderer Wesker, the survivor Ada Won and the Rebecca Chambers are two.

Murdering Wesker’s ability and unique park

In addition to a normal attack by a knife, the new murderer Wesker has a special abilities of poisonous bounce, which infects survivors with Uroboros viruses. Press and hold the ability button and charge a bounce attack to activate the ability. A short-range rush attack is performed in front. Bound attacks can be used for two stacks and can be activated twice in a row. When a bounce attack hits the survivor, the survivor becomes infected. Survivors infected with the Uroboros virus deteriorate over time, and if they are completely infected, they will be hindered. In addition, a bounce attack on the already infected survivors can immediately worsen the infection.

When a bounce attack is applied to the survivor, it throws away the survivors who have grabbed. However, if you collide with the wall of the map while rushing, it will change to the operation of hitting the survivors and damaging them. Also, if a pallet or window frame is hit by a bounce attack, the Wesker can jump over obstacles as it is. With Ultra Rare add-on, you can destroy the defeated pallet with a bounce attack. It has the biggest feature that if you hit a completely infected survivor on the wall by a bounce attack, you can carry the survivors as they are, regardless of the injury.

If Wesker is a murderer, multiple surprising boxes appear on the map. There is an emergency spray that can be used by survivors, and the infection can be removed by using it on its own or having other survivors use it. Note that the location of the survivor who has removed the infection is notified to the Wesker. The murderer Wesker seems to be a walk-type killer that fights with the obstruction of the Uroboros virus and the special abilities Poison Bound with a rushing ability.

There are three unique parks: the transcendence of the human body, the awakening of the human body, and the end-of-life. Transcendence of the human body is less than 8 meters of murderer, activated when survivors overcome high-speed. It has the effect of increasing the speed at which the murderer overcomes the window frame by up to 40%. Although there is a cool down of 30 seconds, it is a park where chase can be advantageous by combining with parks such as Mikashi.

Awakening allows you to see the aura of other survivors within up to 20 meters when carried survivors. After stopping the aura display, it lasts for 2 seconds. In a match with a highly rescue survivor, the performance is easy to function as an enemy park. Ending period is activated when the escape gate is energized. Survivors who are injured, dying, or hooked on hooks have a status effect of weakness until the escape gate is opened. The weakness lasts up to 30 seconds after the release of the escape gate. Although the effect is limited to the end of the match, it is a park that has the potential to overturn the disadvantageous situation.

Survivor Ada, Rebecca’s unique park

There are three unique parks of the new survivor Ada Won: eavesdropping, recovery of reflection, and clouds. Eavesdropping is activated when the total repair of the generator is completed by 33%. A wiretapping device can be installed on the generator by pressing the abilities activation button with the generator repaired for more than 3 seconds or more. The eavesdropping device lasts up to 80 seconds, and the generator with the eavesdropping device is displayed with yellow aura to all survivors. Also, if there is a murderer within 14 meters of a generator set up by wiretapping devices, all survivors can see the aura. The activation requires preparation, and the effect time is limited, but it has a wide aura visibility effect in the target range. It should be noted that if the murderer destroys a generator with a wiretapped device, the eavesdropping device will be destroyed.

Reflection recovery is activated when the survivor is injured and other survivors within a radius of 32 meters are injured in one step. The remaining treatment progress is up to 35%immediately. It is a park that can shorten the treatment time by satisfying the conditions. Cloud hiding is activated when it becomes the last survivor, and the red scratch mark and blood stains are not displayed for up to 90 seconds. Even if you become one of the last person, it is a park that raises the probability of escaping.

New survivors Rebecca Chambers have three unique parks, Memorial Vitality, Successful, and Full Create. Minagiri vitality is activated when the treatment action to other survivors is completed. It has the effect of increasing the survivor’s generator repair, treatment, chest open, and totem purification for up to 35 seconds for 6%. It is a park that is true for cooperation with others. Reliable sense is activated by pressing the ability activation button 2 within a radius of 6 meters of survivors hanging on the hook. The durability of the suspended survivors can be paused for up to 30 seconds. If the suspended survivor is in the endurance phase, the struggle skill check will also be suspended. Although there is a cool down of 40 seconds, it can be said that it is a new direction park that can surely extend the survival time without limit.

Complete concentration gets tokens every time you get a grate by checking your skills, and you can get up to 6 tokens. Each token has a skill check rate of 2%and the speed of skill checking needles increases by 4%. In addition, the degree of progress added when the gray is issued by skill check will increase up to 30%. However, if you get good in skill checks, fail, or interrupt the action, you lose all the tokens. Instead of increasing the difficulty of skill checks, it is a park that keeps the gray of the generator and the speed of treatment increases.

Other new functions and improvement

In addition to the addition of new characters, the function of the distributor option has been added as a measure to reduce the target of harassment in distribution. In anonymous mode, from another player perspective, your own player name is replaced with a selected character. The original name will be displayed on the players who are forming a party. Other than acquaintance, it is a setting for those who want to hide the name. In your name hidden mode, you can replace your own player name on your own screen. It is a setting that can be used when you want to take a video by hiding your name. And in other people’s names hidden mode, other player names are replaced on their own screen. It is a setting that can be used when the distributor matches the stray player.

There is also a setting called matchmaking delay mode. This is to hide a short waiting time before starting a matchmaking. It is a function that can be expected to prevent in-game harassment, such as snipe and ghosting in game distribution. The distributor option is currently only the PC version. In the future, it may be implemented in a home game machine version, but it is still undecided.

In addition, the function of the line status indicator has been improved. The connection problem obtained from ping and packet loss information can now be displayed. In addition to color-specific displays according to the lines by the existing vertical axis bar, a diamond-shaped icon that displays packet loss is added. If there is a survivor with a problem on the line, a red bar will be displayed next to the name. If there is a problem with the murderer’s line, it will be displayed on the survivor list with a red icon.

The details of the second character of the Resident Evil collaboration have also been lifted, and this update has also been added to the itchy places. The full text of the patch note can be checked here. Please note that the content introduced is from the PTB stage, and that it may be changed before and after this implementation.

The 6.2.0 public test build (PTB) of DEAD BY Daylight has been open on August 10. Only the PC (Steam) version of the player can access.

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