Elden Ring: The fun complaint based on memes from an indignant community in the absence of DLC

While the production of Fromsoftware has already been with us for a few months, players from all over the world are already waiting for the arrival of an DLC of Elden Ring . The latter could relate to several issues (Colosseum, Miquella…), and thus allow the game not to disappear in collective oblivion.

In general, from Fromsoftware have the habit of announcing DLC on average six to nine months after the launch of their productions . Bloodborne was launched in March 2015 and the production DLC was launched a few months later, in November of the same year. As for Dark Souls, the third installment of the game, launched in March 2016, did not have DLC until October, so 7 months later. However, Elden Ring fans are impatient, and do not hesitate to find original forms to make him understand.

The jar or the DLC

When Dark Souls were booming, the community used to demand DLC and other additional content in a very… unconventional way. This time, a user decided to embed Alexander the jar in scenes of known movies, until Fromsoftware makes an official announcement about a DLC.

We find the favorite jar of the Sless in Forrest Gump, or in Clerks. Enough to get the attention of Fromsoftware, without really pressing because the trend is not defamatory. This is a rather comical way to ask for an official announcement.

Alexander is a favorite NPC of the players, thanks to the kindness and great heart of him (quite rare in the underworld), The jar is almost like a pet for the community . Therefore, including it in this meme was almost mandatory

Unfortunately, @ freetrolley42 , who initiated the trend, stopped his overlaps after the second day, but other players took over. In the networks, therefore, dozens of Alexander appeared, embedded in scenes of several films, such as The Lord of the Rings .

A DLC soon?

** Elden Ring players do not impatient! Being Elden Ring a colossal open world, it is possible that the development of a DLC late much more than expected, and represents colossal work for Fromsoftware.

Meanwhile, intermediate lands still have many surprises reserved for their players, and the various modifications available in the game allow you to add time to the already colossal life of Elden Ring. One thing is safe, we are impatiently waiting for an official announcement!

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