[Todays Steam] The new work that expands the store Plate Up!

Cooking action-style games, which are very busy, from preparing ingredients, cooking and serving, are popular with the fun of cooperating with the game.

‘Plate Up!’, Which was released on the 4th, is a cooking action log light game that has a confusing kitchen and restaurant management at the same time. Up to four players prepare for the opening of the store, get an order from the guests, and finish the day by cooking and serving. However, if the customer does not offer food in the time he wants, the store is closed.

Cooking in order to receive and satisfy the orders of many guests is similar to Overcook and can expand the store. You can enjoy more guests, such as buying a new cooking device or adding tables or decorations with the profits earned before receiving new customers by daily.

The steam user evaluation is very positive (228 participants, 96% positive). In order to commemorate the launch, it can be purchased at a 20% discount by August 20, so it is possible to consider the user who wants a cooperative game.


In addition to the world’s best sales products in the world, Ready Oar Tytop, who unveiled the AI improvement plan, was ranked fourth, and the one-person development forest style Dingum was ranked ninth.

In the top 20 of the day, the top 20, the 96,440 arcs: Survival Evolved ranked 11th, and rose to 14th with FIFA 22nd with 78,529 concurrent users.

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