Craepon, publishing talent recruitment

-Secute business capacity by expanding independent studio and game lineup

Craft Tone will focus on publishing groups.

The Craft Tone Publishing Group is an organization that is in charge of the entire operation of all games developed and serviced by Kraftton. As the independent studio and game lineups are expanded, they will be hired in major sectors such as business PM, business development, e-sports, global business, and marketing.

The final job is determined through the screening and interview screening, and only a job test is conducted for some job groups. From the 8th, it can be supported through the Craft Tone recruitment website.

An official of Craftton said, As the new production line expands, the role of the publishing organization is also growing. Craft tone believes that the game will be the most powerful media, and this recruitment is global together. We will actively secure talented people on stage.

Detailed eligibility and screening process for each job group can be found in the Craft Tone Publishing District Recruitment page .

Meanwhile, Craepon will launch a full-fledged campaign ahead of the launch of new games such as Calisto Protocol and Project M. In addition, Web 3.0 business is also strengthening, including Virtual Human Anna and 3D World Crypto Metabus ‘Project Miglu’.

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