Will Henry Cavill be Vegeta in the Dragon Ball GT Live Action movie?

The idea of another Live Action film by Dragon Ball is something that fans want, and at the same time they do not want to see a reality. In this way, a particular user took advantage of the feelings of the community, and cheated several people by revealing that ** Henry Cavill will play Vegeta in an alleged _dragon ball gt _

It all started when Dbgtlegacy’s account on Twitter shared, as a joke, ** He behaved in impossible mission: Fallout_. This information even reported in various media. However, this user clarified the situation in a recent video.


Needless to say, but it is important to mention that At the moment there are no plans for a live action movie _Dragon Ball GT. All this was just a joke by DBGTLEGACY. However, this also caused many fans to begin to create their own cast for such a tape and, to anyone’s surprise, Henry Cavill as Vegeta was something that many agreed.

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