Rokkori Friend Making 3D Action HERE COMES NIKO!

On August 5, Developer FROG Vibes announced on September 1, the Nintendo Switch version of the 3D action game Here Comes Niko! will be distributed on September 1. According to the developer Stijin, it will be distributed in Japan. Inside the game supports Japanese display.

  • PC version trailer

Here COMES NIKO! Is a 3D action game that becomes a professional friend. Nico, the main character, left home for some reason and moved to a new land. Then, apply for employee recruitment by Otama Jacksi Co., Ltd. That job is a professional friend who makes friends with any1. Nico, who is the director of the company and met the frog boss, Nico, first works for the official recruitment as a trial period.

In this work, the player works as a professional friend while visiting six different islands in order. You meet the animal residents on the island, help them, listen to their worries and help them.

For example, you can deliver a lunch to a resident friend, collect ingredients that famous food bloggers are looking for, jump into the pond instead of a fishing needle for anglers who have lost the fishing needle, or just talk to them. Or Then, if you use it as a resident, you will get coins as a thank you. By using the coin, you can unlock the next island.

In this work, the characters containing Nico are expressed in 3D, despite the fluffy 2D visuals. By making full use of jump actions, you can visit various places. Finding a resident who needs help by searching is one of the major elements in gameplay. In addition, various items are hidden in the island, and collection elements to search for them are also available. There are no enemies in this work, and there is no game over. Like a colorful and bright world view, it is a work that can enjoy a gentle atmosphere.

The Nintendo Switch version of HERE COMES NIKO! Will be distributed on September 1st.

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