The Last Instance of Benedict Fox: Game Pass A huge thing for the studio claims developer

The Polish Studio Plot Twist is presently establishing The Last Situation of Benedict Fox, a 2D action adventure platformer in Metroidvania style.

In it, gamers as a demonic investigative explore with buddies.
The Creative Director as well as Lead Game Developer Bartek Lesiakowski said concerning the circulation of the video game using the Xbox Video Game Pass that it has a positive influence on the game and also was a large reason for such a small workshop.

It is hard to put in words what positive influence the Game Pass will certainly carry our video game.
It unlocks for a lot of gamers that play Benedict and-we keep our fingers crossed-fall in love with the video game as well as its genre.
It’s a huge point for a small studio like ours.

The Last Instance of Benedict Fox will be released in the springtime of 2023 for Xbox Series X | s and PC including a video game pass.

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