Hell Let Let Loose Update 12 – Notes for updating Falling Dark

Update 12 from Hell Let Loose (updating Falling Dark) adds many new functions and changes to the game. Some expected functions are new cars, such as M4A3 75 W Average tank and the revival of the formidable German panther. Another feature includes new missiles that were added as a new weapon and presented in three versions in depending on the fraction.

The commanders can also now use several new abilities to help their team win the battle. Update 12 from Hell Let Loose also added a lot of error corrections and minor changes, too much to list them in this guide. Fortunately, if you want to get acquainted with error corrections/minor changes, you can find them in official notes for a patch for updating 12. Nevertheless, there are much more basic functions that need to be unpacked, so these are the main points of the whole main thing in hell. LET LOOSE 12 update.


added new cars and changes have been made

In total, two cars were added to Hell Let Loose, including M4A3 75 W as an average tank and German panther as a heavy tank. In addition to these two vehicles, the remaining notes to the patch for vehicles made several changes and added some minor details. Here is a complete list of changes:

  • Semi-gusenits now have machine guns. The Germans receive MG42, and the USA-M2 Browning.
  • Tiger has a new updated camouflage.
  • Panzer has a new updated camouflage.
  • Luchs has a new updated camouflage.

New missiles and changes in equipment

Update 12 added three variants of the rocket launcher and added the rocket launcher to the third level of equipment of the adjustor. Boxing boxes were also moved from the equipment of the third-level adjustor to the equipment adjustor. Here are all three missiles that were added to Hell Let Loose:

  • LP-42
  • SPSh-42
  • An-M8

commanders receive new abilities and updated information

The role of the commander can now cause the following abilities to help his team win the battle:

All fractions: * exact blow
German faction: diving bomb a piece
US faction: x2 bombs R-47
Soviet faction: * IL-2 missile strip
All fractions: * ammunition

Other changes in the role of the commander include cosmetic changes, such as updated and improved animation of certain abilities of the commander.

in Hell Let Loose added new cards

One of the largest changes made to update 12 for Hell Let Loose was the introduction of the following cards:

  • Remagen War
  • Remagenian warfare night
  • Remagenian offensive German
  • Remagenian offensive of the United States
  • Foyskaya Night of the War
  • Lane of a purple heart, night of war
  • Fighting Night in the Hurtgen forest
  • Kursk war of the Night of hostilities
  • Omaha war
  • Omaha offensive German

The developers also processed the headquarters on triggers to provide cover for both factions.

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