[TECH] Sniper after keyboard! Customable Cursair K70 Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard

The movement of the gaming keyboard company is not unusual. Only in a row of gaming brands I know, we are launching new poker arrangements (60 ~ 65%). Even this is not the feeling of Do you sell well? Shall we see me?

The start was Asus and Laser. Asus ROG introduced ‘ASUS ROG FALCHION’ with a direction key that was not commonly found in poker arrangements, eliminating prejudice and entry barriers. Hyperx not only has a direction key, but also portability, and most of all, the price is cheaper than the same product, increasing accessibility. In Steelseries, you can set the input point according to the gamer’s taste, showing ‘APEX Pro Mini’, which can be selected during the fast response speed or accurate input.

This time, the end of them was released. K70 Pro Mini Wireless (K70 Pro) of Corsair, famous for its RGB emotional restaurant. First of all, it supports the ability to easily remove the keyboard switch by using hot swaps, or tools, to easily attach the keyboard switch. Hot swap products are a good toy that you have one or two of the people who like the keyboard. The purchase of the product is only possible, but if you want to change the switch in the future, you can buy it separately so that even beginners can easily change.

In addition, overseas gaming brands are well-compatible with keycaps to collaborate with each other to create standards. I don’t have to worry if I don’t believe anything, or if I’m a gamer with a tendency to say, I use the things I use unconditionally! Corsair sells the largest number of keycaps among gaming brands, and it handles quite a variety of private keycaps.

In the K70 PRO, you can insert an accent bar emphasized in terms of protection and design on the front side of the keyboard, that is, to the front of the terminal. You can buy three colors of three colors, white, red, and blue, and you can express your own feel and personality.

Gaming keyboards don’t need wireless, but the poker array keyboard has a wireless function because it is not burdened with portable size and weight. As it is Corsair’s product, you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of RGB back light. The problem is the price. The flowers of the keyboard are custom, and if you buy extra switches, keycaps, and accent bars, you will have to bleed your wallet.

Nevertheless, the news of the unveiling hot swap keyboard in the leading global brand is so nice. Although the appearance is similar to other gaming brands, it is similar to the stigma of ‘hops’, but it is hard to imitate for a while.

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