Nintendo acquired animation studio and planned to establish Nintendo Pictures

Nintendo will establish Nintendo Pictures.

On the 14th, Nintendo announced that it will acquire Dynamo Pictures, a Japanese video content manufacturer, Dynamo Pictures. Nintendo will buy all of Dynamo Pictures’ shares, which will lead to Nintendo’s subsidiary. The acquisition will be completed on October 3, 2022.


Dynamo Pictures was founded in 2011. It is a company that specializes in CG production and motion capture used in movies, TVs and game animations. >, Death Stranding, and Persona 5 were in charge of the motion capture. Nintendo has also made a relationship with Peak Min Short Animation.

When the acquisition is completed, Dynamo Pictures will change its name to Nintendo Pictures and specializes in producing video contents of Nintendo IP. Nintendo explained in the disclosure data that it strengthened the Nintendo Group’s visual content planning and production structure and pursued this acquisition for Visual Contents using Nintendo IP. The CG trailer and promotional video of the Nintendo IP game are expected to be produced through Nintendo Pictures.

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