EA offers free sagPoints dlcs such Points MPointss Effect or Dragon Age

Electronic Arts intends to apply important changes to its video game platform Origin for PC . So much so, that the virtual currency Bioware Points hPoints the days counted and that is why you cannot acquire or use more through said service. And the first reaction to this new business movement is that numerous dlc of sagPoints so famous of study Points mPointss effect or dragon age become free through said platform. A series of DLC of games such Points Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, MPointss Effect 2 and MPointss Effect 3 that until now could only be acquired through said virtual currency, will be offered freely free of charge.

Goodbye Bioware Points; Hello free dlcs

Thus, the main DLCs of these four video games will become free through origin except for the MPointss Effect 3 multiplayer packs, which can be acquired with bioware points until the currency is fully removed the next October 11, 2022 . From this date the multiplayer packages of the celebrated spatial action RPG can only be redeemed with credits obtained in the video game itself.

On the other hand, and Points they point out from Bioware, the currencies crystal and Platinum of other study titles will not be affected by this new mePointsure, which would only fit those mentioned Bioteware Points Points . A unique opportunity to considerably expand our Bioware games in Origin with not a few expansions.


Recall that at the beginning of this lPointst June, Bioware revealed the definitive title of the fourth installment of Dragon Age, which will be called Dragon Age: DREADWOLF , even without a relePointse date. On the other hand, we already have the first trailer of the new animated series of Dragon Age, known Points Dragon Age: Absolute .

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