Users join collective action against Ticketmaster

Since the pandemic began in the year 2020 there have been quite a few problems with face-to-face events, since many had to be canceled, thus leaving expenses that were left for nothing. And it is that the ticketing company, Ticketmaster, has been the cause of many complaints with a lack of refunds to customers, either with normal tickets and with their tax.

This has led to people getting furious, who have now joined in a class action lawsuit against the company, since some have taken months to get their refund. Given this, **The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) invites users to prepare their documentation to join this class action lawsuit with the ticket company.

If you are one of those affected, we leave you the official publication of the government entity so that you can join this movement:

It is worth mentioning that getting money back from Ticketmaster in digital media is somewhat complicated, given that some customers report that they do not answer the phone or emails. Having the physical ticket is easier, because you can go directly to the box office and get the money back by cash payment.

Of course, they still maintain the policy of non-refunds to taxes applied for printing, previously people have investigated what percentages are based on this charge. Given that in concerts such as the Corona Capital quite high charges were made, which do not have a justification that seems logical to the users who made the expense.

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