The fifth wave of Azur Lane prototypes is on the way. Chkalov, Brest and Plymouth have already been announced

Yostar, which publishes the popular mobile game Azur Lane worldwide, has launched a special site for the fifth anniversary of the Japanese version of the project. At the same time, prototypes of the fifth wave have begun to be shown to us, and three upcoming ships have already been announced, which will be available for research in the near future.

  • SN Chkalov-Priority aircraft carrier.
  • HMS Plymouth-Decisive light cruiser.
  • FFNF Brest-Decisive heavy cruiser.

Other ships of the fifth wave of prototypes have not yet been announced at the time of writing, but, most likely, it is worth waiting for at least one more kansen. You can see the appearance of the announced new products in the album below.

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