Regionalliga Bayern: setting, favourites, transmission

Begin and surface: From when to when does the Bavarian Regionalliga start?

The season in the Bavarian Regionalliga begins on Thursday, July 14, 2022, with the opening video game in between Buchbach as well as Unterhaching. The last Matchday (38) will occur on the weekend break bordering May 27, 2023.

The number of groups are participating?

The area of individuals in the 2022/23 period in the Regionalliga Bayern consists of 20 clubs as well as thus again an also number of teams.

Which additional representations are stood for in the Regionalliga Bayern?

In the coming season, four reserve teams from expert clubs will certainly be represented in the Regionalliga Bayern: Bayern Munich II, 1. FC Nürnberg II, SpVgg Greuther Fürth II and FC Augsburg II.

Who is new in the Regionalliga Bayern?

The Würzburger Türkgücü Munichs and also Türkgücü Munich, which had actually already been delegated since March after taking out from the video game, were delegated from the 3rd division. DJK Vilzing (champion Bayernliga Nord) and SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing have risen. The SpVgg Ansbach likewise safeguarded a place via the relegation.

Why does Türkgücü Munich take component in the regional organization?

Türkgücü Munich needed to use for combination after being required down from the third division. This was given by the Bavarian Football Organization. The Munich team were allowed to start in the Regionalliga Bayern because they likewise made clear the arena issue: Türkgücü wishes to play in the Grünwalder Arena and also the Olympic Arena.

That are the faves?

The field of favorites this period includes runners-up Bayern Munich II, the ambitious 1. FC Schweinfurt, SpVgg Unterhaching and also 3rd department delegated Würzburger Türkgücü Munichs. Opportunities are also offered to Wacker Burghausen.

What is the promo plan?

The champion of the local organization Bayern certifies this period for the promotion games to the 3rd league. There, the winner satisfies the champ of the Regionalliga Nordost. In 2 games it is then about a starting area in the 3rd division 2023/24.

What is the transfer regulation?

The bottom 4 teams are delegated. The 16th and also 15th play in the relegation versus the runners-up north and also southern squadrons of the fifth-rate Bayernliga.

That qualifies for the DFB Cup?

The Bavarian Football Organization (BFV) awards one of its 2 beginning locations for the DFB Cup 2023/24 to the champs of the local league Bavaria, despite the result of the promo video games to the third department. The various other location is awarded by means of the state mug, in which 3rd department teams likewise take part.

Where are the Bayern Regionalliga games broadcast?

Individual video games will be transmitted on

For how long is the winter season break in the Bavarian Regionalliga?

The traditionally longer wintertime break in the Regionalliga Bayern starts after the 24th matchday on the weekend around December 3rd. The season will certainly after that advance the weekend break of February 25th with the 25th matchday.

Who will prevail on top, that will look down?

The field of faves this season includes runners-up Bayern Munich II, the enthusiastic 1. The champ of the regional league Bayern certifies this season for the promo games to the Third league. There, the winner fulfills the champion of the Regionalliga Nordost. In two games it is then regarding a starting area in the 3rd division 2023/24.

Right here is the spread sheet.

The Munich team were permitted to start in the Regionalliga Bayern since they additionally made clear the arena issue: Türkgücü desires to play in the Grünwalder Arena as well as the Olympic Stadium.

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