God of War Ragnarok already has a release date, new trailer: It will arrive in November!

Without notice or anything! PlayStation has gone from State of Play and has announced the expected launch date of God of War Ragnarok. Against the rumors that he was going to go next year, the adventures of Kratos and Domen will arrive in 2022. Specifically on the next November 9 We will live the end of his adventure through the Nordic lands on PS4 and PS5.

To celebrate this announcement, the firm has published a brief video called Father and Son , where they show us that the relationship between the two will be a fundamental pillar in the adventure.

It had been rumored that his announcement would arrive a few days ago and, although in the end he did not happen, we have not had to wait too long. With a brief trailer, PlayStation has denied all the rumors of delays and we can continue the journey of Kratos and Domen before the end of the year. Now, we can mark red on the calendar on November 9, which promises to be a very important date.

In this way, of the three big games planned for the end of the year. Gow Ragnarok is the only one who remains faithful to his appointment in 2022 . Since Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Starfield, the two most powerful representatives of Nintendo and Xbox, leave for 2023.

The trailer is interesting, since although it lasts just 30 seconds, it shows the union between the two characters; Between father and son. This is the complete dialogue:

Kratos: When you are at your lowest time
Atreus: And fear and doubt are a too heavy load
Kratos: Remember this
The two: you are not alone


In this way, we can deduce that the union between the two will be powerful, despite the fact that you go indications, they can rebel before his father ** of him. All questions, now we know with certainty that they will have an answer in November.

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