Unauthorized is discovered in one of the RTA world records updated in SGDQ 2022 -Mecaters are expelled from the event

At the RTA event Summer Games Done Quick 2022 (SGDQ 2022) , we updated the world record of the game that MEKARAZIUM, one of the speed runners, has been updated, but in fact unauthorized recording video It became clear that was flowing.


The SUMMER GAMES Done Quick 2022 is the world’s largest RTA event, and it has been reported that the other day, it has earned more than $ 3 million (about 400 million yen or more). On June 30, local time, MEKARAZIUM challenged the HARD mode of the main part of METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCENGEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCEANCENure at the event. He cleared the latter in 6 minutes and 55 seconds and updated his own world record for about 25 seconds.

The official Twitch distribution by Games Done Quick was praised, but while playing, the character moved despite releasing the right hand from the mouse, and MEKARAZIUM explained that MEKARAZIUM moved the mouse with his left hand. Slightly unnatural moments are also recorded.

He has stated that Outside the posted video, there may be people who can actually clear it faster and you should not use the word world record, and after this play. Rather than sticking to the records that are posted, we have a speech that says how much you can demonstrate your best. But later, he confessed that the video he had distributed was inherited the video recorded in advance.

He expressed his apology, saying, I did selfish actions without thinking about others. Games Done Quick’s YouTube channel will delete his video at the event. When an overseas media such as PCGamesn contacted Games Done Quick, he commented that MEKARAZIUM will be expelled from the event due to the future.

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