Lost Ark ThrononesSyre explained: how to start, requirements and rewards

The Thronespire is the dungeon for a newer player in the June Ark update. As in the other dungeons, the main objective of the players is to work on a large number of floors in Lost Ark Thronespire to get rewards such as Guardian Stone Crystals, chests of gems, applied welding and more. Since it is one of the last additions to the game, many players have difficulty completing their levels. With that in mind, we have it covered with the complete breakdown of the dungeon of ark thrononespire.

How to start lost Ark Thrononespire and its requirements

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To start Thronespire in Lost Ark, players must find their entrance, which is scattered in almost all the main cities of the game. But before that, you must meet a series of requirements to be eligible for Thronespyre dungeon:

  • You must have completed the main mission of Punika.
  • Requires the level of object 1325 and a combat level of 50.
  • Must have completed the mission towards power.

Once you meet these requirements, you will be ready to face a variety of opponents. After starting the dungeon, you will find a lot of regular monsters, which are quite easy to defeat. As you advance for the floors, the monsters will become stronger.

According to the rules, you will have seven minutes to complete each floor. Each level has four doors; At the end of each door, you will have to defeat an elite. Fortunately, you get unlimited lives, with a duration of reappearance of 5 seconds. Finally, you will find a final boss at the end of Thrononespyre’s dungeon.

Lost Ark Thronespire rewards

Thrononespyre’s dungeon has 50 floors in total, guarded by several monsters and bosses. While only the first 25 floors are linked to grant rewards, the rest of the levels are designed to test the players’s fighting skills.

Here is a list of rewards for the first 25 floors:

Floor 1 *: X15 Crystalized Stone Cofre
Floor 2 : X20 Piedra Salto chest of honor
Floor 3 : X5 Piedra Cofre of crystallized destruction
Floor 4 *: X15 Gloria Fragments Bag (L)
Floor 5 : Epic engraving recipes chest X20 (class exclusive) (class exclusive)
Floor 6 : x45 old platinum coin
Floor 7 *: X10 Crystone of crystallized destruction
Floor 8 : X30 Crystalized Stone Cofre
Floor 9 : x50 old platinum coin
Floor 10 *: X10 Crystone of crystallized destruction
Floor 11 : X30 Crystalized Stone Cofre
Floor 12 : X5 Salto Cofre de Gran Honor
Floor 13 *: X2 Metallurgy: Basic Welding
Floor 14 : X10: Sastrería: basic repair
Floor 15 : X30 Crystalized Stone Cofre
Floor 16 *: X10 Piedra de Destruction Crystone
Floor 17 : X20 Glory Spring Bag (L)
Floor 18 : X10 Gran Honor Salto Cofre
Floor 19 *: X25 Gloria Fragments Bag (L)
Floor 20 : X2 Metallurgy: Applied Welding
Floor 21 : X10 Sastrería: Applied repair
Floor 23 : X6 Gran Honor Salto Cofre
Floor 24 : X60 Ancient Platinum Currency
* Floor 25 : X30 LEVEL 3 GEMAS COFRE

It is worth noting that players can start directly on the 25th floor to receive rewards for all the previous floors instantly.

That is all you need to know about dungeon of the thorn of the throne . Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other contents related to Lost Ark here in Cofre, such as how to start Vykas Legion Raid, what is the vital energy in Lost Ark and more.

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