MMO songwoman Chimoraland will be released in mid-July

The cross-platform MMO Chimerand will come out all over the world in two weeks. The release of the game will take place on July 15, 2022.


The pre-registration campaign is currently ongoing, which has already attracted more than three million players. Not all levels of intra-game awards are still unlocked, but the prediction will continue up to the launch of Chimeraland.

Players have to engage in the construction and tame of monsters. Destroying any enemy, players will be able to get a chance to instill one of the parts of the body of the vanquished animal with their own pet. The mechanics of creating strong chimeras is the basis of Chimerand.

Since the game is essentially a sandbox in the open world, the players from the start will receive complete freedom of action and will be able to play as they themselves want it.

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