What is a return to the island of monkeys? Release date, gameplay and much more

After many years of waiting, the Monkey Island series of adventure games will receive a new part called Return to Monkey Island. Initially announced on April 4, in June 2022 it was officially presented as part of the Nintendo Direct.

What is a return to the island of monkeys?

Return to Monkeys Island was created by Terrible Toybox and published Devolver Digital together with Lucasfilm Games. The continuation of the classic adventure games Monkey Island, Return to Monkey Island, will tell how Gaybrash Tripwood will continue his journey to become the most famous pirate of the Caribbean Sea. Along the way, he will fight again with a pirate-navigation, an opponent with a lechak, and try to unravel the secrets of the islands of monkeys.

when will return to the island of monkeys come out?

The release of return to the island of monkeys is scheduled for the end of 2022. The exact date is unknown.

is the return to the island of monkeys by the continuation of Revenge of the Lecak?

Returning to the island of monkeys will continue the story from the final Revenge of the Lechac. This means that Return to Monkey Island occurs after many fans consider the last real game Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: Leccock’s Revenge. Despite the fact that Monkey Island had a lot of sequels, including The Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island, Tales from Monkey Island, Lechuck’s Revenge, this is a game that continues to see the most. However, it is confirmed that some popular elements from later games, such as Murray, speaking a demonic skull, will be included.

Return to the Island of Monkeys is written by Ron Gilbert?

Ron Gilbert was the creator and screenwriter of the first two Monkey Island games. Since then, he has been working in Telltale Games, and is currently working with Terrible Toybox, a studio creating Return to Monkey Island. Along with Ron Gilbert, one of the first authors of Secret of Monkey Island, Dave Grossman is returning, as well as several composers and voicing talents.


What voic actors will return to the return to the island of monkeys?

Dominic Armato, Alexander Boyd and Denny Delk return to their roles Gaybrash Tripwood, Elaine Marley and Murray, a demonic speaker. Unfortunately, Erl Bohen, the voice of Lecak, will not return as the voice of the Lecak.

What platforms will Return to Monkey Island?

Return to Monkey Island will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC in Steam.

trailer Return to the island of monkeys

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