Fight by changing weapons, add the second country Battle Style

Netmarble conducted the first anniversary update ‘Re: Dive’ in the second country: Cross Worlds. This update has added battle style, holy system, new system, side story, and new server ‘Barum’.

The battle style can be changed to a new weapon by character, which allows all characters to play as a dealer. Swordman is a dual sword, a whip Sword, and a log, and a crossbow to another weapon, adding special skills and identity skills according to weapons. Battle styles can grow related stats through the Holy Page. If you collect and place the relics on the Holy Page, you will also increase the battle style.

The freshmen system gives growth benefits for new users to return and experience the battle system quickly. If you are less than 80 and less than 30 days after the account creation, you can get a new coin by receiving support from the quest and achievements. You can use this coin a new shop-only shop.

The episodes ‘Legendary Mine of the Legend’ and ‘Golden Beard and Treasure Island’, which were provided for a limited time through the side story, will enter regular contents. The configuration has been adjusted so that it is easier and more convenient to enjoy than before. The fishing system, which was introduced in the episode, also became regular content.

The new server ‘Barum’ will provide growth support for the server users, and various events will be given various benefits. By July 20, Barum Server will reward the title or 4-star rare items according to the combat power or level of the Barum Server, and will hold up to 10 million gold winning events.

In addition, on the weekend until July 4th, the chances of acquiring souls, specialties, and loot acquisitions and gold acquisition doubled, and the first Barum server ‘capital king’ and ‘artifact occupation kingdom’ will be paid for dedicated titles and 4-star rare items..

In addition to this, rare 4-star Eazen Capsule, Select! A 14-day attendance event will be held until July 21, which will present rare 4-star equipment/Imazen Box, and event-related events will be held.

The second country is a reinterpretation of the fantasy RPG Ninokuni, which is collaborated with the level five and studio Ghibli, as a mobile RPG, featuring the newly composed worldview and cartoon rendering 3D graphics.

Detailed information can be found in the second country forum.

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