Lol – Riot reveals the Sivir Rework: these are all the changes that their skills will undergo

One of Riot Games’s great projects in League of Legends is being improved to the oldest or worse champions, they have resisted the passage of time. Developers cannot make large visual and playable updates simultaneously, but they are being very intelligent when undertaking small operations that do not require so many resources. A rejuvenation process that implies a good number of changes to the skills of the characters and to which sivir will be submitted in the next 12.13 patch, in which Nilah could also be launched.

All changes to Sivir in the next League of Legends patch

Riot Games has already revealed what all the adjustments that the champion will receive for the next version will receive. Although developers could still adjust their statistics based on the data obtained in the PBE or the opinions of the community, it is unlikely that the adjustments raised by the developer are left behind. In this way and, although knowing that scaling or base damage could be modified, it is the time to discover the new Sivir kit.

The truth is that we are facing great magnitude changes that, surely, will modify the way Sivir works in the invoker’s crack. Riot Games wanted to keep the identity of the character as the shooter with more damage in the area and wave cleaning ability , although everything indicates that he has managed to get rid of some of the mechanics that gave the most problems to the character. It is very likely that the result is not as good as in other characters, who came to multiply their popularity by four, but they will undoubtedly give one of the most mythical champions of all League of Legends.

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