The Nintendo Switch version Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II is currently not clear with a bug. The transplant is easily acknowledged

Aspyr Media is now unable to clear the game of the Nintendo Switch version, which is sold only overseas, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II , which was transplanted on June 20. I admitted that it was possible. He is currently developing a patch to solve the problem.

Kotor II is a third-person view RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment and sold by Lucasarts. The original version was released for Xbox in 2004 and later developed for PCs and mobile. The user evaluation is high along with the previous work Star Wars-Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), which was developed and developed. It is a work that is recognized as a masterpiece RPG series mainly overseas. Last year, ASPYR remastered Kotor for Nintendo Switch overseas, and this year it started distribution to Japan. The development of the KOTOR remake version developed by the company has been announced, and the heat of series fans has been increasing in recent years.

On June 8 this year, the remastered transplant version KOTOR II was released for Nintendo Switch overseas. Expectations have begun to play all the masterpieces of the past. However, this transplant version had a problem. The game crashes with a high probability in a specific place. Specifically, crashes often occur when visiting one of the locations, Onderon. If you search for Twitter with the location name, there are many reports that the game will continue to crash with an onalon.

Eventually, one of the users who boiled the business contacted the transplant, ASPYR, on Twitter. Are you aware that the game is inevitable at the moment? The ASPYR side answered, I am aware. KOTOR II was easily acknowledged that it was currently impossible to clear. The development team is currently working to correct this problem and will be corrected in the next patch.

It is unknown whether all users have a problem, and it is not unusual to have serious problems in the game immediately after the release. However, it is rarely seen that the transplanter admits that this game cannot be cleared. ASPYR has been criticized by users to don’t sell unfinished games.

ASPYR is currently developing a remake to revive KOTOR for PlayStation 5 and PC, and to revive KOTOR at the next-generation standard. He is also the target of the KOTOR series fans as a master of masterpiece reprints. In this case, many fans will be mixed with that expectation. I hope that the fixed patch distribution time has not been revealed, but it will be responded as soon as possible. In addition, since the previous work has been deployed in Japan, it is also expected to expand the domestic development of the KOTOR II remastered version. If it is released, I want you to land in a clear state.

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