Enpixel, Grande is released in the second half of the road map… Sequential update until September

[mobile game Moon Young-soo] Enpixel (co-representative Bae Bong-gun, Jung Hyun-ho) announced on the 16th that it will unveil the roadmap of the second half of the mobile game ‘Grandaga’ and introduce a new character ‘Ignox’.


The Grandaga will showcase updates such as the new 11 chapter ‘The Iran of the Brilliance’, the reorganization of the Kingdom Quest, the Summer Seanal Event, and the new boss until September. The policy is to prepare.

At the same time, add a new character Ignox. Ignox is a member of the Knights of the Knights and the Grand Weapon of the game, Las, the main character of the game.

In addition, Ignox-only SSR GrandwePhone ‘The Wings Cord of Crimson Flame’ will be introduced, and Las’s SSR Grand Weapon is 1 type and up to 50 free summon opportunities through special attendance and growth events until the 30th to commemorate the update to celebrate the update. Provide gifts.

Meanwhile, Grandaga has been expanding its worldview by adding the 14th character Ignox while celebrating its 500th service on the 9th since its launch in January last year.

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