How To Defeat, Attacks, Altar Effect Diablo Immortal Ancestral Nightmare, And Everything About The Boss?

Many global bosses in Diablo Immortal are only available at specific times. Knowing where and when to find them is essential, as well as understanding the strategy on how to defeat them. In the case of Ancestral Nightmare, there are a few quirks to watch out for, although other players will likely handle them for you. Still, it’s good to know to pass the knowledge on.

Ancestral Nightmare availability and location
The Ancestral Nightmare appears on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:00, 20:30, and 22:00 on Mount Zavain. He often appears near the southern region of ​​the Misty Valley. A countdown in the area tells you how long you must wait until he is born.

How to disable Ancestral Nightmare’s shield?
By default, Ancestral Nightmare is invulnerable, he roams the area counterclockwise without worrying about players, and his route takes him near different altars. It is necessary to activate altars arranged around the Misty Valley to make it vulnerable. The process is straightforward: activate the altar closest to the path the monster takes, and a golden area will be installed in front of it. If the Ancestral Nightmare enters the area, it will be stunned, allowing you to attack and weaken the shield. The creature will continue on its way (at least, if there aren’t many players). Repeat the process until there is no more shield.

Fighting the Ancestral Nightmare
The confrontation itself is not very difficult. Once the shield is destroyed, it behaves like a typical boss. He will cast fire zones and attack players. Watch out for toxic puddles on the floor as well. Just try to stay alive, as it’s a global boss. If you attack it just once, you’ll get loot. You don’t need to be in a group or be the first to land a hit to be eligible for rewards.

Ancestral Nightmare Loot
The only guaranteed item on this boss is the Nilfur Precision Vessel used in the Sanctum of Iben. But only if you have already unlocked the area in question.

It drops Arcane Dust and can drop items of different qualities and Legendaries if you’re lucky.

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