Military blocks in the end of the world DESTRUCTURE: AMONG DEBRIS Play test for Japanese compatible

Developer Team Instant Defeat has launched a play test for the casual action under development, Destructure: AMONG DEBRIS .

This game is a single play work that is so-called block break or air hockey, which is developed from a viewpoint looking down.

Post Apocalypse Destroy the evil robot army in the world

The stage is the post-apocalypse world that has been devastated by catastrophic events. Players operate a circular structure and play the iron ball to destroy the turret robot and the surrounding fortress. Operated aircraft that support the tool unlock and upgrades can also be indirectly attacked with remote weapons, avoid enemy remote attacks, or block the shredder on the own side so that the iron ball is not dropped. increase.

A play test that supports Japanese starts

This time, a play test has started to enjoy the early stages, including the tutorial of this work. Although there is no Japanese compatible notation on the current Steam store page at the time of writing, it is possible to select Japanese from the Settings menu in the play test version.

How to participate in play tests

To participate in the play test, press the Restructure: AMONG DEBRIS PLAYTEST on the Steam Store page. As of 1:30 am on June 8, Japan time, it has been confirmed that immediate approval and client download will be possible.

DESTRUCTURE: AMONG DEBRIS, which is likely to be compatible with Japanese at this time, will be released on Steam for PCs.

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