Why Diablo Immortal is a Pay to Win Game?

Since Diablo Immortal came out (Wednesday on mobile, Thursday on PC), the Pay-To-Win system has put more space into the game than the game’s actual premiere.

Anyone who’s played Immortal (and anyone with eyes) can see Blizzard entirely flying. The creators of World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone aren’t even trying to hide the title’s aggressive monetization.

Diablo Immortal is a 100% P2W game, a perfect example of a game designed to squeeze as much money as possible.

While the story campaign is free with no paywalls, we are faced with an unpleasant but necessary choice after reaching the highest experience level and entering the so-called endgame.

We paid, and we got stronger.
We don’t pay or develop (translated into Rift levels or PvP abilities)
It’s all about gems (placed in items, increasing character power, and sometimes adding new effects/rewards to skills) and badges. The best way to get gems (especially legendary ones) is to visit/clear the Ancient Fissure. The problem is that they need to activate the – mentioned – flag.

F2P players are limited to rare tokens that can be earned through daily activities. There’s another problem here, though, because clearing Ancient Rifts with Rare Emblems gives us a chance only to get one and 2-star gems. Respectively: 1 star is 10%, 2 stars is 2.5%.

To get better gems (3, 4, and 5 stars), we need to arm ourselves with Eternal Legend Emblem, which is hardly available in the free game version (well, yes, the grinding moon will give us 7 of these signs, which is enough for two rifts).

The easiest way is to buy it with Eternal Orbs – this badge costs about 2.5 euros (11 zlotys) per piece.

It’s expensive, but it affects gameplay. Passing the Primal Rift with the Legendary Emblem can increase your chance of earning one star by up to 75% and the chance of making two stars by up to 20%. Additionally, we unlocked the possibility to drop 3-, 4-, and powerful 5-star gems.

Although getting a 5-star gem is only… 0.05% chance.

The following system shows the importance of acquiring gems, namely resonance and upgrading gems to higher tiers. We need many gems or rare materials from ancient rifts to do this.

How do you get more? Through the ancient rift in the legendary coat of arms, it is known that the circle is closed.

IMPORTANT: A character with six Legendary Gems in an item is 300% stronger than other heroes!

Here’s a nice video: Asmongold walks through an ancient rift with three legendary emblems, the same rift but no symbols. See the difference in bustards?

Crazy…but that’s not all. In the game store, we can buy additional materials, additional gems and even activate two paid versions of the Battle Pass (Enhanced Battle Pass – 5 euros, Enhanced Battle Pass – 15 euros), which also provide access to the Legendary Badge Or allow you to choose (!!!) the gems we are interested in.

Diablo fans have calculated that recharging a character and recharging equipment can cost 40 to 75,000 euros. On the other hand, we have Free2Play players who will have to spend 10-15 years playing/polishing to get to roughly the same level…

We thought Diablo Immortal would be a P2W game but didn’t expect it. Unfortunately, Blizzard frantically and successfully blocked another thousand gamers.

Of course, it’s always possible that under pressure from the Blizzard community, he’ll wake up and remove some Pay2Win, but that’s unlikely to happen.

PS The most telling is that the first option in the game tab is Store…

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