This is Ninja! Ninja seen in games and movies [special feature]

Japanese images from overseas are often stories. This is not this is often happening, even though it is very serious. Eventually, it will lead to the birth of a masterpiece called Ninja Slayer, which sublimated its focus, but basically there are many works that are not intended.

It would be interesting to enjoy various concepts of Ninja in games and movies. Let’s take a look at the Ninja statue of the game.

Speaking of ## JAPAN’s monument, this work
Shadow Warrior (1997)

This work is a game full of plunge, as Ninja combines a Japanese culture seen from a foreign country.

The protagonist Lo Wan is a ninja master who belongs to the Japanese complex Gira Enterprise and assassins, but he plays a dark part of a company such as assassination and plots. However, Law Wan, who knew that Gira Enterprise was contracting with enemies in a different world and planning to conquer Japan, would quit the company, but Z, who feared his power, Low One. I will try to funeral.

In this work, glotesque depiction is also a great attention, but an anime poster without context is full of obscene pachinko parlors that suddenly appear in the first level of Tokyo, which are the first level of Tokyo. It is said that the mixture of oriental culture like the movie Blade Runner was intentionally done, but it is still a work that can be said to be the source of the current Ninja game.

Come with a mysterious castle and a hot spring, SUSHI’s gorgeous set

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002)

This is the second work of the Hitman series, which is also famous as a masterpiece of stealth action. There is a Japanese stage in this work, and 47 will challenge the assassination mission in Japan (the reborn version of Hitman is slightly mentioned in an OP movie).

In the final mission of Japan, we will head to assassinate the yakuza’s main ball in a snowy area in Tohoku. Ninja and others who hinder the infiltration into the main castle in the vast land… The top of the castle on the road to the castle tower is fully equipped, and when it is discovered, it will snipe from the castle.

Ninja is also security of the castle in Honjo, hiding in beams. If you find 47, you will attack all at once while talking about a mysterious warning voice such as Stop! What are you doing!

I feel that this work is the closest to the image of Ninja in the movie described later, but the target is out of the content in the Japanese stage, but there are also scenes where you can eat in a flashy Japanese language. Yes, it is a very interesting work.

Isn’t the ninja that appears everywhere is the strongest in the play?

Taiko Ritachi Shishiden V DX (2022)

This work is a warlord or cultural person who lived during the Warring States period. One of the attractions is that there is an event converter to enjoy the Warring States period infinitely, but this work, which can enjoy ninja play, is also a representative ninja game.

You may think, Well! It’s not domestic, it’s a serious historical thing… You can learn ninjutsu in ninja villages in various places, and you can also make use of alter ego techniques to master Tsuji. In terms of content, you can feel the smell of the ninja of the domestic entertainment novel and the overseas Ninja.

And it is also noteworthy that even if you start with this work with a ronin character for some reason, it will be dedicated. Originally, if the transmission of the information is late, in an era where the safety of the vacant house you have been absent is suspicious, it will tell you the trends in various places in any situation, and the safe’s safe is safe while wandering around various places. Thanks to the ninja (?), I guess you want a ninja in the family.

There are still a lot of ninjas that should be noted in the game, but where did the Ninja statue that exists in overseas games come from here? Are there any readers who are worried? Regardless of the mome, the kick is somewhat somewhat, but let’s look at the Ninja statue in an overseas movie that has become a kick that Ninja has been born in recent years.

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