Mecha Battle RPG Wolfstride -Wolf Stride

On June 2, Publisher Rawfury and Brazilian indie game studio Otamonstudios released the Japanese version of the Mecha Battle RPG Wolfstride-Wolf Stride- for switches. In conjunction with this release, the STEAM version has also updated Japanese localization.

Although it was originally announced on May 12, the postponement was decided just before. About a month was vacant and the long-awaited release was reached. Gamers who like giant robots will have waited for their neck longer. We will introduce such a long-awaited robot tactic RPG as a play report!

Kenka and money are inseparable

・ Proceed or retreat? Taverns and muddy hits.

Wolfstride-Wolf Stride- fights by manipulating a huge mecha in the form of turn-based RPG. There are only panels that can be moved. A simple bargaining is performed, whether it goes forward with the damage prepared, retreats to take time. The panel also has an attack bona spanel, and it is important how you can stay on this panel. Let’s maintain the bonor spanel by pushing out the opponent with a push or hitting the opponent with the attack skills!

Skills such as attacks and defenses are performed by consuming AP (action points). Attack skills have a distance from near, middle, distance, and it is necessary to use them properly depending on the distance to the opponent. Some skills have an additional effect of cutting off enemy defense or blowing off the square in the back, so equip your skills to your play style. Note that the stronger the skills, the more AP consumes, and the cool time will occur!

HP is set on both arms, heads, and chest parts, and it is better to set the opponent’s chest HP to 0 first. If you destroy your arms and your head, you will not be able to give a skill corresponding to the part, so you will also need a tactic to use guards to break your main parts and use guards so that your main parts will not be destroyed.

But… if there are few ways to avoid it, don’t think about difficult things! Write tactics and read ! Muddy hitting is the essence of the battle!

This is all because of the richness… Earn repair costs with a part-time job!

The main characters, Dominic Shades, are weak teams. There is no money so much that the repair of the huge mecha cowboy that is wrecked by the prologue can not remain.

Therefore, what is needed as a funding is byte (mini game) that can be received in various places in the city. At first, we use a bicycle to deliver your luggage to make money. The content is to give a luggage that does not understand the contents to the protective clothing on the roadside… but it has a dangerous odor, but the belly cannot be changed.

The reward that can be obtained is as much as the tears of the sparrow, but there is no limit on the number of times, so you can get a part-time job as much as time permits. Surprisingly, this mini-game was interesting, and the play progression stopped just enthusiastically.

As you proceed with the story, you will sell mechanical parts shops and skills. You need money here, so you need to work part-time.

Even though I’m fighting with a huge robot dreaming of getting rich, I have to work hard because of the lack of funds in front of me. However, the pleasure of overwhelming the enemy mechanism is the best word by getting good equipment as much as I do my best.

The best friends

What is said in this work is the story of three former criminals who won the tournament in the giant roboy giant Roboy Cowboy that a friend called GW left.


The dog Duke is in charge of mechanic in charge of people who have a bad mouth, and struggling people in the common sense frame. He is 32 years old, who is good at taking care of it and is also a standing position like a parent.

Knife Leppard is in charge of pilot in charge of pilot, who has a comfortable personality and loves anime and is happy to ride Robo. He is an interesting man with a completely different face when he is on Robo.

And the player will operate, the sunglasses sunglasses are the former yakuza of the trademark Dominik Shade . From cash flow to repair chores, sometimes cooking (mini-games), they manage the team to manage everything.

The rotten men gather and do stupid things while discussing light and slang. Such a figure has a smile as if you were looking at youth club activities.

The sorrow of a man with a wounded sneak comes

It’s never ending just by making a fool of a man. There is also a serious scene where you have to face the past. Dominik Shade is a man who always laughs fearlessly and is not afraid. However, weakness that you can show when you are suddenly brings out his humanity and charm.

Details are hidden because the scenario is spoiler, but both are related to the past of the shade. When the shadow of the past flickers, the shade that shows a sunken expression that is not usually shown… I am worried about his memory, but I just empathize with this gap.

The highlight is why he acts to escape from the past and how to deal with the past in the story.

Wolfstride-Wolf Stride- is clear not only for the giant robot battle but also in the story. The Nintendo Switch version is distributed for 1,780 yen and the Steam version is 1,520 yen. Please play by all means. Never skip the movie scene!

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