Pokemon Go Fest 2022: How to perform each collection test

Pokémon Go Fest 2022 is already here, and players have a chance to catch many rare and brilliant Pokemon. One of the most exciting features of this two-day event is collection tests in which players can participate. These tests are good in that they give players a guaranteed meeting with a rare Pokemon after their completion.

In total, there are four tests of the collection, each of which corresponds to four different habitats of the event. The habitat will last one hour each and will return about the second time before the end of the event on Saturday, June 4, 2022. In each habitat, a certain set of Pokemon will appear, which players will need to catch in order to perform this test. A complete list of tests of the collection and their awards can be found below.

All Tests of the collection on Pokémon Go Fest 2022

Go Fest 2022: City Collection call tasks

  • Catch the garbage cloak Burmi
  • Catch an alollance make-up
  • Catch Pidov
  • Catch Gothita
  • Catch a magnemite
  • Catch garbage
  • Catch litten
  • Catch the Hitmonchan

  • Catch Baltoi

Award : Star dust of 2022, one incense and meeting with Galar Vision.

Go Fest 2022: Tasks on the collection of plains

  • Catch Litleo
  • Catch shelmet
  • Catch Larvitar
  • Catch numel
  • Catch Bizel
  • Catch a trap
  • Catch Drilker
  • Catch a giraffe
  • Catch Patra

Award : 2022 Star dust, one incense and meeting with Axu.

Go Fest 2022: Tasks-calls of the collection of tropical forests

  • Catch Tutwig
  • Catch the mushroom
  • Catch a broom
  • Catch the seed
  • Catch Carrablast
  • Catch Muckypa
  • Catch the rower
  • Catch a Slakot
  • Catch Chimchara

Award : 2022 Star dust, one incense and meeting with pancham.

Go Fest 2022: Tundra Collection Causions Tasks

  • Catch the pig
  • Catch meditation
  • Catch the Piplpa
  • Catch Omanite
  • Catch the cub

* Catch Waylmer
* Sawed to catch
* Catch Poplio
* Catch the wing

Award : 2022 Star dust, one incense and meeting with Galar Darumaka.

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