Gyeongconjin recruits participating companies in VRA Win -Win Marketing

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (Director Min Se-hee, hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) will participate in the ‘VR/AR Win-Win Marketing’ project to support the development of promotion and distribution markets of virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) companies with excellent item competitiveness. It announced on the 30th that it will be recruited by the 13th.

This ‘VR/AR win-win marketing’ reflects the difficulties of suppliers that it is difficult to secure the market even if it owns excellent items, and the demand for market-based items that are difficult to find marketable items, and supports the market for marketing such as market advancement strategy consulting..

The targets are SMEs with commercialization of virtual/augmented reality in Gyeonggi-do.

‘VR/AR Win-Win Marketing’ is a facilitator program that provides customized business strategy consulting for the company’s business matching program and dedicated advisory groups that can increase the possibility of contracts through direct consultation through business matching day. It is configured.

The selection company is supported by the community with the professional paragraphs and the community of each other, and the advisory group supports the market development by directly exploring the demand and connecting contracts. The company plans to increase the possibility of success in collaboration through continuous communication between companies and various companies.

At the time of the competition, more than 20 demand companies have already submitted a demand survey and are looking for participating companies.

Companies wishing to apply in Gyeonggi-do can accept the contents of ‘VR/AR win-win marketing’ in the business announcement on the Gyeongconjin website until June 13th. For more information, you can contact the Gyeongconjin Future Content Team Email ([email protected]).

Min Se-hee, Director of the Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency, said, “This project is to support new marketability and sustainable growth of companies that have been difficult to secure the market.” We will contribute to the expansion of the industry infrastructure. ”

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