How to kill Richter with a secretive reception in Sniper Elite 5

Fabian Richter is a goal from the list of murders in Mission 3: Academy of Spies. Fortunately, Richter is present at the meeting, which you must follow to achieve the main goal. To complete the 3 Kill Challenge mission, you must kill Richter using a secretive reception.

Guide to kill in mission 3

How to Identify and Kill Fabian Richter in Sniper Elite 5 (Spy Academy Kill List)
To defeat Richter, you must first get to the top of the abbey, where the meeting takes place in mission 3. Find the meeting is the main goal, therefore, as soon as you collect the information or find the meeting place, you can fulfill Kill Challenge.

how to find Richter

As soon as you get to the meeting place, there are several entrances and ways to spy on the meeting. Four doors lead to the room, but each of them requires a conference room or a bag for a bag. The opening of these doors is likely to alert Richter. The best way is to go to the eastern side outside the conference room. There will be a room with a guard and a staircase in the middle. You can remove the guard and climb the stairs to spy at the meeting.

How to kill Richter using Stealth Takedown

The easiest way to kill Richter with a secretive reception is to lure him from a meeting room. You can also throw a bottle or explosives outside the meeting room to force him to conduct an investigation . Be sure to stay out of sight of the guards arriving for investigation. If Richter leaves the conference room, Smell to it and press the triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox) to conduct a secretive attack. .

Be sure to check the goals of the mission in the Start menu before trying to kill Richter. You can fail the murder test by entering the battle and warning the guard even far from Richter. The guards conducting the investigation does not seem to cause this, but a large number of battles during the mission can lead to the fact that you will fail a trial test.

Mission 3 Awards for a trial for murder

For completing the task “kill” in mission 3 you will receive a Pistole 08 pistol, a pistol with a large firing range and an optional 3-fold sight.

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