Roll back method and future forecasts that make the online match of case games comfortable -explain the net code again

Suddenly, I am very sorry for the detailed story of the fighting game, but on May 16, 2022, “ Street Fighter V ” was urgently adjusted. Among them, the small punch of the character called Luke, the punch that is the lowest power and can shoot quickly, there was a correction that the guard stop was 8 to 12 frames. To put it simply, when the opponent guards the punch, it is an adjustment to extend the time when both are stopped.

The number of 4 frames may not be pinched, but one frame is one -sixth second, so the 4th frame is about 0.07 seconds. Luke’s small punch is a technique that can be counterattacked by guarding, but in the past, most people could not respond even if they knew because the guard stop was short. This makes it easier to react as 4 frames grow.

First of all, I hope you can understand that this time of just 0.07 seconds, as soon as possible, will affect the battle of fighting games. By the way, the other day, the Q & A site QUORA attracted a lot of attention to the question of why online games could be synchronized in places away from Japan and Brazil. Yes, online lags may be fatal in fighting games that have a great impact on play as described above.

In online games, why can you synchronize quickly, even if your position is far away (about Japan and Brazil)? How are you communicating? (QUORA)

The mechanism to synchronize online games in online games is called “net code”, but “Street Fighter V” introduced earlier uses a roll -backed net code called “GGPO”. And in QUORA mentioned above, the explanation of this rollback method was very interesting and became a hot topic. Here, I would like to talk about the rollback method, including supplements, while organizing the contents explained in QUORA once again.

■ The screen is a “crisp” delay system and problems

In the past, net codes called delay method were used. Delay means “delay”. If you press the attack button to delay the screen between the two frames, if you have two delays due to the network, delay and synchronize.

If you synchronize in this way, the screen will not move smoothly and will be in a so -called “stuck” state. If the screen does not move smoothly, it is not comfortable, but the delay system also affects the operation.

If you just attack once, it may not be such a big problem, but what about combo that connects the attack continuously? The timing you should have practiced and learned many times in training mode will be removed by delay.

■ Future forecast and rewind rollback method

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Then the rollback method appears. The aforementioned GGPO is an online code developed by Tony Cannon, one of the founders of the Evolution CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES, a world -wide competition of fighting games held in North America Las Vegas. The version has been released.

Suppose you press the attack button as before and have two delays due to the network. In the case of a rollback system, you can attack smoothly on your own screen. The opponent’s instructions are transmitted by two frames delayed, so the attack is omitted by omitting the first two frames motion. As a result, the timing of the attack is the same for the two players.

Well, there is a problem here. What kind of behavior does the character act during the two frames where the attacking instructions arrive late? The answer is the same action as before. This is one of the secrets of rollback, “future prediction.”

The online response speed is not always constant, so the delay will increase or decrease, but on the screen will always be drawn and draw on the assumption that you are doing the same as before. As will be explained in detail later, it is said that this prediction will be 90 %.

Then, if the remaining 10 % come off, the prediction is out of the prediction, so rewind it to the wrong place, calculate it, and omit it in the middle to display the result. It’s a roll -back method because it is rewinded and calculated.

In the case of a rollback system, the opponent may move unnaturally, but the screen moves smoothly, making it much easier to remove the timing of continuous input such as combo.

■ Karakuri of future prediction

By the way, I think there are people who have more questions. Why is the future forecast succeeded by simply repeating the last action? In fact, it is simple, because the game characters repeat the same action as before, more than 90 %.

In other words, it’s about 60 frames per second, and how many times the player presses the button. Even if you play quite hard, it will be about 5 or 6 times at most. If you press the button six times with 60 frames, the remaining 54 frames, 90 %, are doing the same action.

In fact, players who squat down, for example, should have been squatting guards after one frame and two frames. So, if you draw the same behavior as before, you will proceed smoothly as if you were completely synchronized in 90 % of the time. This is the mechanism of future prediction.

Even if you say rollback, if the delay is small, there is almost no discomfort, and the player does not notice. Therefore, basically, the same operation is performed continuously with the previous frame, and it is corrected only when you do a different movement.

■ Problems of rollback method

However, the rollback method is not perfect. As the delay increases, the omitted frame becomes longer, and the lack of operation is noticeable. It is often said that it looks like a warp, but in terms of fighting games, the initial movement of the attack is invisible. The roll -backed future prediction is out of the way when taking unprecedented actions, that is, when attacking.

However, even if the operation is slightly omitted, many battle and defense will be established. Because if the distance is close, the player will judge from the situation and press the button before the opponent moves, even if the opponent moves. Because it is in time.

However, if you have to react at a severe timing after seeing the opponent’s actions, there may be situations where the rollback is greatly affected. For example, techniques such as so -called “return”, which can attack the skiing after seeing the empty swing of the attack, may be difficult. The more skilled in the game, the more severe input input at a high reaction speed, so even if it is a roll -back method, it seems to be more likely to feel the delay.

However, in actual games, the rollback method alone does not try to solve the delay. In the first place, multifaceted device is devised for comfortable play, such as a mechanism to match players in the same online environment and combined with a delay system. As a result, it has become much easier to play, even for online fighting games that require severe synchronization.

In the summer, the information of “Street Fighter 6” will be lifted, and as the expectations of fighting game fans are growing, I would like to pay attention not only to the system and character, but also to the evolution of comfortable online matches.

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