Premier League: Thomas Tuchel on a level with Pep and Klopp

The German soccer player Antonio Rüdiger praised his coach Thomas Tuchel in the highest tones shortly before he said goodbye to the English Premier League club FC Chelsea.

“For me he is a phenomenal coach. He is on a level with Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp,” said Rüdiger of the newspaper “The Times”.
Chelsea could be very proud of his trainer, especially how he had regulated things in difficult times.
The British government had imposed strict sanctions against Chelsea because of the proximity of still owners Roman Abramowitsch to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The association is now to be sold to the American Todd Boehly, co -owner of the baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers.
He hoped, Rüdiger said that the mentality in the club changes to relieve a trainer if the success failed.
A process can be seen under Tuchel.
Rüdiger is expected to move to the Spanish champion Real Madrid for the new season.

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