Lol – Riot reveals Belveths first skills: this is how the champion in combat works

A new champion is about to reach League of Legends . Riot Games officially announced to Bel’veth through a kinematics and revealed his main illustration to all players. However, the developer’s promotional campaign was not even close to ending these first advances. The company has continued showing small brushstrokes of the character and now we have for the first time a video in which we can see it in combat . Unpublished material that allows us to draw many conclusions about her gameplay.

First official details of Bel’veth’s skills

The method chosen by Riot Games to carry out this first sample of Bel’veth’s gameplay has been somewhat peculiar. The developer launched several QR codes during the repetitions of MSI 2022. They were barely available for a frame and went unnoticed for many players. However, community members realized that it was not a broadcast error and discovered the secret. After scanning the original codes, these are the videos that we can find with the skills of the new champion .

The truth is that videos allow many conclusions about the character’s abilities , which are not exactly like the ones we saw in the leaks. First, it seems that we see the champion while he uses the true way that would be unleashed during the definitive 1. The skills we see in the video are the following. Keep in mind that her effects could be modified by the passive of her possible definitive ability.

W (up and down) *: It does not seem to be an effect as spectacular as the one mentioned by the leaks, if not a spell very similar to the first launch of the Q’s Q. In any case, it is expected that it does not require so much precision.
q (Oil of the vacuum) *: Indeed, Bel’veth can use the scrolling ability of it up to four times in a very short time as long as she does it in the directions that marks her arrow. Unlike what was said in the first place, it does not seem to slow the enemies.

E (real maelstrom) *: Bel’veth channels a vortex of energy in which she seems to receive less damage or be invulnerable. During the channeling, she inflicts damage per second to the enemies in an area.
Passive 1 : A white number with the inflicted damage of Bel’veth is shown in the skills. This color is usually used for true damage. Therefore, we know that the character will inflict this type of damage in small quantities, but constantly.
Passive 2 : Related to the initial leaks of the definitive one, when ending its rival Bel’veth it collects an element that I saw loose when falling into combat, it cures and generates an explosion that could inflict damage.

BEL'VETH ABILITIES Gameplay Explained - New Champion - League of Legends
* Passive 3 : Bel’veth generates monsters when ending some enemies. They seem to behave similarly to sudden, although it is not evident in the details shown so far.

It is hoped that Riot Games will continue with these presentations as the MSI progresses. The truth is that, despite the leaks, the company is striving to maintain uncertainty. Now even more, since we know that the leaks did not make full when they would do their skills. Some of them do work as we expected, but others are different and it seems that there is still space for surprises . The unknowns should be revealed very soon.

_ Note : Updated news with each new video, adding it and adding the revealed information of the skills._

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