CSGO – PGL Major Antwerp 2022 tournament information

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition confirms its return to normal with the start of the PGL Major in Antwerp. The tournament’s second edition just a few months after we vibrated in Stockholm with Movistar Riders almost. This time we will not be able to live the passion of having a team in the tournament. However, the confirmation of a rhythm of two significant championships a year together with the presence of 9z will be more than enough for many speaking fans to give it their all.

All teams qualified for the Antwerp Major.
As usual in major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, 24 teams will participate in the competition. However, not everyone arrives at the match with the same category. There are three steps from which clubs can start.

Legends: In Swiss format, eight qualified teams will start from the second group stage. They will also have the advantage of not facing each other in the first match.
Applicants: They are the teams classified in the second block. They have performed somewhat worse than the legends in the qualifying tournaments and entered the competition in the first phase. Their advantage is that they avoid facing each other in the first match.
Contenders: This block comprises the teams ranked in the last positions. They debut in the first phase of the Swiss format and face a team from the Aspirant category.

Teams are classified as legends.


classification pathway


RMR Europe A (1st)

Copenhagen Flames

RMR Europe B (1st)


RMR Europe A (2nd)

Cloud 9

RMR Europe B (2nd)

FaZe Clan

RMR Europe A (3rd)

Ninjas in Pajamas

RMR Europe B (3rd)

Natus Vincere

RMR Europe A (4th)

FURY Esports

RMR Americas (1st)

Teams are classified as Challengers.


classification pathway


RMR Europe B (4th)


RMR Europe A (5th)

G2 Esports

RMR Europe B (5th)

Team Vitality

RMR Europe A (6th)


RMR Europe B (6th)

Bad News Eagles

RMR Europe A (7th)


RMR Americas (2nd)

Imperial Esports

RMR Americas (3rd)

Teams are classified as Contenders.


classification pathway

Eternal Fire

RMR Europe B (7th)


RMR Europe A (8th)


RMR Europe B (8th)


RMR Americas (4th)


RMR Americas (5th)


RMR Americas (6th)


RMR Asia-Pacific (1st)


RMR Asia-Pacific (2nd)

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Format
All fans of competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive could recite the format of the Major by heart. Since the last changes, the situation has not changed. A Swiss format first round is held with Challengers and Contenders where only 8 of the 16 teams will be able to advance. These qualifiers go to a second Swiss where the Legends come into play, which again reduces the number of participants to 8. After this, the elimination rounds begin in the quarterfinals.

Swiss Format
Perhaps it is the most difficult to understand for fans less accustomed to competition. A group of 16 teams is created, and the first confrontation is drawn based on the category of the teams. After playing the first day, a new draw is made in which the teams with the same result are matched. Teams capable of winning three games qualify, while those that lose three times are eliminated. The process is repeated in each round.

This format is used twice throughout the Major. First in the initial round (Challenges and Contenders) and then in the second phase (Legends and Qualifiers). The matches are played to the best of one unless classification or elimination is at stake, where they are played to the best of three.

knockout stage
This phase has no complications. The eight surviving teams from the quarterfinals meet in a single-elimination bracket starting in the quarterfinals. All matches are played to the best of three maps.

Depending on the final classification of each of the phases, the following prizes will be awarded.

Final score

Prize (Dollars)

ESL Points

BLAST points




Finals + 4,000





Top 3-4




Top 5-8




Top 9-11



Top 12-14



Top 15-16



Top 17-19


Top 20 – 22

Top 23-24

ESL Points: Qualifying points corresponding to Pro Tour events
BLAST Points: Qualification to the December World Finals, points for the global ranking
Calendar: Dates and Schedule of the Stockholm Major
Swiss 1: From May 9 to 22 from 12:00 CEST
Swiss 2: From May 14 to 17 (time to be determined)
Quarterfinals: May 19 and 20 (time to be determined)
Semifinals: May 21 (time to be determined)
Final: May 22 (time to be determined)
Where to see the Stockholm PGL Major?
We can go to the Pitu Herranz channel and enjoy its live broadcast to see the Major.

Although you will surely be able to watch the Movistar Riders matches, there will be simultaneous matches that we can only see on the PGL channels. You can find it in the English broadcast on primary and secondary channels.

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