Jurassic World: A new age should be financial mega

Jurassic World: A new age comes on 9. June 2022 in German cinemas and is intended to be another financial success for the franchise. According to the current predictions of “Box Office Pro”, a box office of is expecting 165 million to $ 205 million on the first weekend. Overall, according to forecast, the film could record up to $ 575 million on the American market. In addition, there are of course income from important markets such as China, where Jurassic World: A new age will also be released.

another box office hit

If the predictions are correct, the new age would be a more financially successful film than its direct predecessor. Jurassic World: The fallen kingdom (in the original “Fallen Kingdom) there was a total of approximately $ 417 million ** in the United States.

The first part of the trilogy, in turn, would continue to be the most successful film in the States with a box office of approximately $ 652 million **. There is currently no prediction for the global income of the third part of the series. But the second part worldwide was less successful than the first part.

anticipation for the third part

On our website we have already talked about the current trailer for the new age. The third part of the World Trilogy tries to coat the current cast around Chris Pratt with numerous names of the original Jurassic Park trilogy. Jurassic World is currently: A new age of one of the most expected films of the cinema year 2022. According to prediction, the film will compete with the film TOP GUN: Maverick , which comes to American cinemas two weeks earlier.

Jurassic World Dominion - Official Trailer [HD]

In any case, the stars are very good for financially successful completion of the trilogy. At most, one could then discuss the quality of the trilogy, especially in comparison to the original of Stephen Spielberg. If you would like to see Chris Pratt in his absurd embodiment of the Super-Mario role, according to Nintendo, again.

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