Halo Infinite: After a bumpy start of Season 2, improvements should follow

The start of Season 2: Lone Wolves was not the same as the players and 343 industries had imagined.


Community Manager John Junyszek and Head of Creative Joseph Staten have commented on Twitter.

The Last Spartan Standing challenges at the Halo Infinite interference event were not recorded correctly if players had left the match too early. Here you could already achieve improvements and promised that the data would be recorded correctly, albeit may be delayed.

This week you will reduce the difficulty of some challenges. The conclusion should then grant two levels in the event pass.

As a small reparation, each player also receives 5 XP boosts and 5 challenge swaps if you log in during the event.

Players apparently also expressed criticism of jumps in the multiplayer and changes in the strategies for speed runs in the campaign. The developer does not promise any guaranteed changes for this, but the feedback is taken seriously and will check possible options internally.

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