My Hero Academia will receive two specials soon

Something that worries the fans of _ my hero academy _ is his next final, something that the creator of the work announced last winter, promising a history closure that will tender all audiences. However, while the final arch reaches anime, the animators of _ Studio Bones _ are preparing two specials to give a break to what is coming.

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The first of these will see class 1-A enjoying one day in the baseball park, a reference to the day of the innocents that took the series. This first Ova will reach cinemas in Japan this June, not having a specific premiere date for now, but which should be revealed throughout this month by its respective animation study.

As for the second special of _ my Hero Academia, _ There are still not many details, but it is expected to tell a little more about the background of that school, something that some characters of the work do not know. At the moment, it is not known whether the author of the work, _ Kohei horihosi _ , will write these two specials, or if they will remain as non -canonical stories.

At the moment the manga is in the greatest war ever seen of its narrative, with the heroes team facing the villains, this does not exclude ages, since both new and veterans make their maximum effort to fulfill their missions. Now it will not be much to have an outcome in which these two factions are discussing.

Editor’s note : With the passing of the days new clues arise that are guiding us until the end of the manga, something that fans do not want to see arriving through somewhat nostalgic issues. However, it is better to have a conclusion, something that did not happen with works such as Hunter X Hunter, which continues in Hiatus until today.

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