Basketball | Freiburg kingfish: Harald Janson criticizes low salaries of the womens teams

For coach Harald Janson from the new German women basketball champion kingfish Freiburg, the financial differences in men’s basketball champion are difficult to accept. “A German basketball player usually earns a hundredfold of a German basketball player,” Janson told “Deutschlandfunk”, “and so the budgets of the clubs look and nothing changes.”

Freiburg had secured the title for the first time on Friday. However, one step forward is not to be expected. The success does not mean that “what it means in football or men’s football, for example, that the funds automatically flow,” says Janson: “We continue to work contemplatively on our budget.” The club’s budget is 200,000 euros.

According to Janson, the problems in this country are particularly great. There is a triangle that is dependent on each other, but fertilized each other: “This triangle is: men’s football – media – economy. And it is not so difficult to penetrate this triangle in any country.”

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The young generation also lacked female role models. “We need institutions to make girls strong to give girls the same opportunities as their male counterparts,” said Janson: “Women’s basketball champions are no less attractive, we experience exactly the same emotions in women’s basketball champions. Fans and children can identify with the athletes. “

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