IToxy, new Egon first large -scale update

[hoon Jung Moon Young -soo reporter] AiToxy (CEO Lee Sung -jin, Jeon Bong -gyu) will be launching the first large -scale update of MMORPG ‘Egon: Infera Bellroom (Egon)’ developed by Round Planet (CEO Sang -hoon Jung).

The sixth episode ‘Labyrinth of Thermalization’, which is held through this update, is a cave located in the huge volcano of Sopka. When hunting to the boss monster ‘Androka’, you can obtain various ornaments such as ‘Necklace of Insight’ and various technical books for each job.

At the same time, it will showcase new mari temperatures such as the hero grade ‘The Abyss of Abyss’, ‘Ara Linger’, ‘Rare Chromiius’ and ‘Maru’.

Egon will hold a variety of events until May 25 to commemorate the update. First, the Dungeon Clear Mission will receive a Frepeo coin depending on the number of plays and time before the construction and the expedition. Freo coin is a goods that can exchange legendary renal appraisals at Freo stores. Participation missions will be rewarded with armor and jewelry reinforcement orders, depending on the number of participants in the war and the number of boss hunting.

In addition, the official community will also hold a minority event until the 25th of next month. It is a kind of game event that users vote for reward items that they want to receive public in -game items and receive the least compensation.

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