Story leaking: thats what the Super Mario is about

After the movie from Super Mario on the 7. April 2023 has now made the first Leaks about the supposed story that we will see in animated film , the round on the Internet. In summary, one of these leaks by journalist Jeff Grubb in his new edition of Grubbsnax on YouTube. It is not just about the story, but also about the characters that play a role in the film. Attention! Spoiler warning!

that happens in the upcoming Super Mario cinema film

After a introduction by Charles Martinet , the original voice of Super Mario, there should be a struggle between Mario and Donkey Kong . In the world of the film, the plumber with brother Luigi takes care of the sewage system of a city called New Dino City . One day you come to the Mushroom Kingdom thanks to a tube, where you can see the kidnapping of Princess Peach by Bowser .

Of course, Mario, Luigi and Captain Toad set off to save the princess. Unsurprisingly, it is possible at the end of the film by tricking Bowser in a pool full of lava in the last duel. There is also information on how the two brothers sound. So you should – at least in the original – have a Brooklyn accent . Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Seth Rogen and Jack Black sometimes belong to the US cast of the film .

Super Mario cinema film becomes a musical

Leaked Plot Details For The Super Mario Movie Sound... Odd!?

The fact that the Mario cinema film should be a musical is somewhat unexpected. Super Mario and Co. will sing different songs several times. One of them is supposed to turn around plumber. Visually, the animations should remind a little of the Hotel Translvania series. In addition, there should be numerous meta jokes that are addressed directly to fans of the video games.

post-credits scene could indicate the successor

After the credits, cinema seekers should stay seated for a moment, because the Super Mario movie will also get a post-credits scene . It can be seen Bone Bowser , which could possibly provide chaos in a potential sequel . The leak is said to come from a viewer who was part of a test group who could already see the film. The later release could now indicate some revisions .

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