Pokemon GO: Hippoterus – The 15 best Pokemon in the counterattack

The Pokémon Go players among you, who work on a living Pokédex and are very petty, can be happy! Hippoterus can be found in the animal 3 raids! For those who are not so familiar with the Pokémon terminology: a living Pokédex means that you have every Pokémon in all its variants in your collection. Since hippoterus has color differences in male and female form, and this also applies to his underdevelopment of Hippopotas, this RAID is very welcome! Do you want to snap hippoterus in Pokémon Go? Then take our tips in the counter guide for hippoterus as a raid boss!

hippoterus as raid boss

Hippoterus is soil from the monotype and therefore has three weaknesses. Water attackers are a strong choice and are additionally assisted when it rains. Plant attackers also have it all and really bloom in sunny or clear weather. Finally there are the ice attackers who should not be underestimated; Especially not when it snows and it can develop their full potential.

Hippoterus is a little stronger than other animal 3 raid bosses and opposes you with 18,601 CP. Nevertheless, coaches with a high level and a good team can also put the Brocken out of the way al1. Everyone else should look for a few more Pokémon Go players and fight the pocket monster together. Below you will find a list with the best attackers against Hippoterus!

Mega-TurTok * with aquaknar and aqua bait
Crypto Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
Crypto Sumpex with aquaknar and hydraulic pump
mega-bisaflor * with tendril and flora statue
Crypto Impergator with ice tooth and hydropumps
Mega-Garados with cascade and hydropump
Crypto Chelterrar * with a razor leaf and flora statue
Crypto Tangoloss with tendril and leaf hill
Zarude with a tendril and leaf hill
Kyogre * with cascade and surfing
Crypto Garados with cascade and hydropump
Crypto bisaflor with tendril and flora statue
Crypto Mewtu * with confusion and ice ray
Crypto Snibunna with ice splinter and avalanche
Crypto Kokowei with bulletaat and solar ray

Pokémon GO: Hippoterus catch

Once you have defeated hippoters, it starts as always to the closer – Pokéball! At level 20, Hippoterus has 1763 CP with a 100%value. If the Pokémon is booed at level 25 in sunny weather, it has 2204 CP with perfect 100%values. We wish you a successful hunt!

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