Buy PS5: Amazon drop is over, now there is the console at Euronics

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Update 10.30 a.m.: In the meantime, the drop of the digital version of the PS5 at Amazon is already over. Now you get the PS5 from Euronics:

PS5 with drive *
PS5 bundle with Horizon Forbidden West *

Original message: Many PlayStation fans are still desperately looking for Sony’s PS5, but are almost permanently presented in shops instead of the hoped-for console. And even if the PS5 is available, it is important to be quick, because the contingents are often quickly sold out. It helps if we know about possible drops in advance in order to be able to lurk when it starts. There could be such a drop again at the online retailer Amazon today – possibly again with consoles in the five -digit range.

Prime note has appeared on Amazon’s PS5 page

The note “Prime members have priority access to PlayStation 5” indicated in the past to upcoming drops at Amazon. As a rule, the text appeared on the day of the drop on the website – this is often on Wednesdays on Amazon. Now the time has come again and the hint has appeared, so we can most likely expect today’s drop.

When is the PS5 sold at Amazon? *.
How many consoles are there? Amazon does not exist in advance. However, there are indications that retailers could currently offer quotas of over 10,000 consoles **.
* Buy Sony PlayStation 5 Disc version
* Buy Sony PlayStation 5 Digital version


Keep yourself in front of false offers: As always, of course, this time again: Pay attention to whom the PS5 offer comes from. Third -party providers also provide the coveted console at Amazon for sale, often to absurd high prices. Among them are Imemr again fake shops that hit you over and send no PS5 at all.

More drops from other dealers could follow

Even if Amazon should present, the last chance of a PS5 is of course not today. Wieter dealers could also get consoles again in the next few days, and a lot is currently indicating tomorrow, April 28, 2022, as an appointment for other PS5 drops. So it is worthwhile to have an eye on the usual shops.

also stopped on site: In addition, retailers like Media Markt and Saturn also get consoles to the shops more and more, which at least not immediately can be tapped off by scale. So it can be worthwhile to stop by one of the dealers at the local business.

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